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Country restaurant
Minsk region, Ozertsofrom 11:00
Verashchaka (500/50/2 g)
12 rub.
Traditions of Belarusian cuisine at the large wooden table on the basis of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle
Review. Great place with great food and service! Thank!
Minsk, Melnikaite st., 2/4from 12:00
Vereshchaka in the modern interpretation of our brand-chief Artema Rakeckogo (180/200/100/30 g)
Цена по запросу
Review. I very disappointed because of this cafe! We planned to celebrate the New Year's corporate party there, booked for a month, chose the table you liked, discussed the menu, all my friend prepared like that. A day (!!!) before the corporate party they called us and said that they were canceling our order! Since it is more convenient for them to plant another company there. We were offered on the terrace outside the door. But there is a completely different atmosphere, no New Year program, we would not see anything. It is a pity that people can so easily spoil the pre-Christmas mood, and a month of our expectations and worries on such a holiday! In a day, of course, we found nothing else! And our New Year's corporate party is completely canceled!
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Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117afrom 17:00
Vereshchaka (270/16 g)
3 rub.
The perfect place to have fun and chill out
Review. On Friday, September 28, I visited your bar Coyote with friends. We always go here. Barman did not let us down with men's cocktails, thank you !!! There are always a lot of beautiful girls and very atmospheric! I was also surprised by the band headed by a charismatic brunette !!!! I wanted to look and listen !!! It was cool. Thank)
Minsk, Pervomayskaya st., 18from 12:00
Verashchaka (500/50/2 g)
12 rub.
The traditions and the history the of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the old Belarusian restaurant in front of Gorky Park
Review. Excellent staff, they will tell and advise everything depending on your wishes)) The atmosphere of the restaurant is cozy, everything is clean, neat. The kitchen is very tasty, very!))) The portions are huge! Be prepared for the fact that ordering one second dessert in you already fit with difficulty)) If you wish, you will pack everything with you. In general, the most positive impressions!)
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 156from 07:00
Vereshchaka with Pancakes (250/100 g)
9 rub.
A restaurant of European cuisine. We have our own baking, a wide drinks menu. Organization of banquets and celebrations
Review. Excited! Excellent cuisine at reasonable prices! One of the best places! Recommend!
Minsk, K. Marx str., 40from 12:00
Verashchaka (80/80/150/150/3 g)
25 rub.
Belarusian and Litvin cuisine respecting recipes in the downtown
Review. Recently, we were dining at this place. I ordered on advice of waitress the dishes named "Vereshchaka" and it tasted very good. I fell in love with Belarusian cuisine. Everyone should try it. Thanks for such delicious dinner.
Minsk, Tolstogo st., 10from 12:00
Vereshchaka (400/150 g)
17,50 rub.
Beer restaurant near the city center with delicious dishes, fresh draft beer and cozy atmosphere
Review. Thank you so much. We rested with my wife. Everything was nice. The service is excellent. Dishes are yummy.
The restaurant & Hotel complex
Minsk, Amuratorskaya st., 4from 09:00
14 rub.
The restaurant of Belarusian and European cuisine with a relaxing atmosphere and cozy environment
Review. Rested in a summer cafe. All liked it. Prices are reasonable. Yummy! Fun! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Very beautiful! We will come again.
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 19from 12:00
Vereschaka (200/50/180/107 g)
20 rub.
Cozy cafe with authentic atmosphere, where you can taste traditional and original dishes of Belarusian cuisine
Review. Today I discovered a restaurant of Belarusian national cuisine! Pleasantly surprised by the variety of historical dishes, their competent interpretation, home cooking, but especially pleasantly touched by the service of Nikita, his reverent care, sincere attention, delicate and deeply respectful treatment of elderly ladies. And what is extremely important is how much the young man values ​​the name and prestige of the institution where he works. How I would like this attitude everywhere in our country.
Minsk, Chkalov st., 35from 11:00
Delicious Pieces (300 g)
11 rub.
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