The Best Places to Taste Vareniki

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Y. Kupaly st., 21from 12:00
Dumplings with cottage cheese, cherries and sour cream (1/250/1001 g)
8 rub.
A place for those who like to spend time, sometimes by immersing yourselves in the atmosphere of the past
Review. We celebrated with company the New Year 2019 in Tovarishch. NG was successful. The dishes were very tasty. There is a pleasant atmosphere. And special "merci" to the host, there is very attentive staff, who payed us compliment from the restaurant in the form of fireworks, cocktails, and at the end of the evening a delicious cake. We was full of impressions. And the girl with the pigtails was singing awesome. Thank you very much administration for the holiday in your restaurant. I recommend.
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 118from 07:00
Vareniki with Berry Sauce (330 g)
10 rub.
The restaurant of European and Belarusian cuisine in the «Aqua-Minsk» hotel
Review. Absolutely accidentally brought fate to the restaurant of the hotel "Aqua-Minsk" on 10.02.2019. Wonderful comfortable and bright room, but most importantly, very attentive staff. Despite the fact that there were not many employees (an administrator and two waiters) and a group and four tables sat in the hall, we did not go unnoticed. The waiter immediately approached us, helped in the choice of dishes and after 15 minutes we were already eating salads. Thanks to the cooks for delicious dishes. We wish you continue to keep it up! Be sure to come here again and I will recommend to my friends.
Eco-Friendly Restaurant
Minsk region, P23 Minsk-Sluts Hwy. 3kmfrom 12:00
Handmade Varenyky with Cottage Cheese and Blueberry Sauce (250/70 g)
8 rub.
Country eco-friendly restaurant with home food and a fireplace room.
Review. Very nice to spend time in Razdolye. All dishes are delicious, fresh and leave the desire to come and try. Thank you very much! In addition, the staff is friendly and honest. Deserves the best words.
City cafe
Minsk, Lenina st., 3from 08:00
Vareniki with Blueberries and Cottage Cheese (230 g)
8,50 rub.
Review. Thank you for the delicious food and atmosphere. Modestly celebrated her birthday with close friends, everyone was happy.
City Cafe
Minsk, Mogilevskaya st., 12аtill 03:00
Lazy dumplings with cottage cheese (120/40/20/1 g)
4,50 rub.
A large network of 10 cafes and online delivery service,that is united by the love of good food at reasonable prices
Review. We came on 17 March with my friend to the cafe Garage on Dana Mall. We just wanted to drink coffee and as a result we ate croissants and even took a salad. Thank you cheerful and sociable tellers. This is very good place, I recommend to visit :)
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 49from 11:00
Cherry Dumplings (Vareniki) (250 g)
8 rub.
Cherry Dumplings (Vareniki) (270 g)
11 rub.
Review. Really delicious food, great staff. Very whole time and sincerely spent the whole family. Thank!!
Minsk, Russiyanova st., 4from 11:00
Vareniki with Cottage Cheese and Jam (180/50 g)
4,50 rub.
In the cafe, which is located in Uruche, you can taste Zharenka, Kolduny, and Draniki with Machanka
Minsk, Gazety Pravda av., 11from 10:00
Dumplings (Vareniki) with Blueberries and Maple Syrup (316 g)
9 rub.
Dumplings (Vareniki) with Cherries and Maple Syrup (316 g)
9 rub.
Review. Were here on February 14th. The music is not loud, the tables are arranged so that guests do not interfere with each other. But the most important thing is the kitchen. All the dishes at the height! We really enjoyed it. Wine and beer are great too. Thanks to all the staff. And cook separately,
Raubicy village, Yantarnaya st., 2from 12:00
Vareniki with berries with poppy sauce (old Slavonic recipe) (150/20 g)
12 rub.
The restaurant, which is filled with home comfort and warmth for everyone
Review. The girl had a romantic dinner here, sat next to the panoramic windows with a stunning view. I liked everything very much :)
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 74from 11:00
Dumplings (Vareniki) with Cherries and Sour Cream (180/50 g)
4,50 rub.
A cozy cafe with Belarusian cuisine, affordable prices, regular discounts and the possibility of banquets
Review. Very nice and cozy cafe. Beautiful interior, varied menu with reasonable prices. Dishes on the griddle are very tasty !! Be sure to come again)
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