Potato dishes

The Best Places to Taste Tseppeliny

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Y. Kupaly st., 21till 00:00
Tapels with meat and mushroom sauce (1/0270/50 g)
11 rub.
A place for those who like to spend time, sometimes by immersing yourselves in the atmosphere of the past
Review. Yesterday I with my friends visited the cafe. We loved the kitchen and the staff.
Minsk, Miroshnichenko st., 1atill 00:00
Zeppelins with Meat and Sour Cream Sauce (300/60/60/2 g)
12,50 rub.
A beer restaurant located near Cnianskoe reservoir
Review. he first time with a young man was with you and was delighted! Warm, homely, cozy atmosphere, delicious wine and good food! What else is needed for a good evening! Many thanks to the team "Vilna". Will definitely be back!
Country restaurant
Minsk region, OzertsoDay Off
"Prazhantsy" with mushrooms (460/90/50/10/2 г)
12,10 rub.
Traditions of Belarusian cuisine at the large wooden table on the basis of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle
Review. Great place with great food and service! Thank!
Minsk, K. Marx str., 40till 23:00
"Dumplings with souls" aka Belarusian Zeppelins (big boiled potato dumplings stuffed with minced pork) (400/200/10/3 g)
25 rub.
Stuffed potato pancakes with home sausage (200/380/50/30/3 g)
25 rub.
Belarusian and Litvin cuisine respecting recipes in the downtown
Review. I’d like to note right away that I have been in many restaurants of the city. And believe me there are plenty to choose from! :))) I visited this great place several times, more often with friends, colleagues and guests of our events. Everyone really likes this restaurant! Starting with a meeting of visitors, continuing with serving dishes and table layout, finishing with food quality and creative approach to cooking! Original live music at the weekends is nice background for communication at the table with delicious national dishes. Sometimes the menu is updated to include interesting items, I liked it. Now I am a regular guest of this restaurant! Special thanks to administrators Yuliya and Dariya, as well as all staff for a special attitude to the guests! I recommend to everyone who wants to spend time in a cozy place with an original approach to old-Belarusian cuisine!
Minsk, P. Glebki st., 5till 23:00
Цена по запросу
Review. Had dinner with my husband at the weekend. Excellent restaurant, excellent updated menu. Very tasty, beautiful serve and large portions. Special thanks to the waiter Alyona
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