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Minsk, Surganova st., 41from 11:00
Salted Pork Brisket (1000 g)
20 rub.
Homemade Salted Pork Tenderloin (1000 g)
35 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, simple and delicious food, affordable prices and a playroom for children
Review. I have had lunch here many times already. I rejoice everything: pretty modern interior, variety of dishes, prices and service. There are many people at lunchtime, so you should wait. But this fact confirms that people like this place and want to come here again and again.
Raubicy village, Yantarnaya st., 2from 12:00
Jellied meat (Kholodets) with fried potatoes and lightly salted cucumber (200/150/120 g)
21 rub.
The restaurant, which is filled with home comfort and warmth for everyone
Review. The girl had a romantic dinner here, sat next to the panoramic windows with a stunning view. I liked everything very much :)
Hookah lounge
Minsk, Yakuba Kolasa st., 42from 12:00
Snacks for vodka (435/2 g)
13 rub.
The hookah lounge with a large hookah park, European cuisine and fine tea collection
Review. Good afternoon! A review on HookahPlace Yakuba Kolasa I came to this place with my friend on the advice of her husband. We were very pleased. I would say that is the best hookah in the city. Nice atmosphere and friendly, helpful staff. Best wishes, Veronica.
Minsk region, Zhdanovichi, Zvezdnaya st., 19afrom 12:00
Salo Cuts (150/2 g)
5 rub.
The restaurant with European author cuisine, original serving of lunches and its own art gallery
Review. Everything is very delicious. Took 8 different dishes, all for 5! The staff is great, cozy interior. Cook handsome, or beautiful))))
Minsk, Pobeditelej av., 23/1from 15:00
Belarusian Assorted Treats (230/10 g)
18 rub.
A place where the main traditions of Belarusian’s hospitality and generosity of soul are perfectly observed
Review. We celebrated New Year in this cafe. Interior, service, music, show program, host, menu - all this at a decent level. But there is one big disadvantage, that is the ventilation system. There were a lot of people and everyone was suffering from the heat!!! Dear administration, solve this issue ASAP and then your cafe will not have any downsides!
Y. Kupaly st., 21from 12:00
Belarusian Snack (1/110/100/30/20/5 g)
12 rub.
A place for those who like to spend time, sometimes by immersing yourselves in the atmosphere of the past
Review. Yesterday I with my friends visited the cafe. We loved the kitchen and the staff.
German beer cellar
Minsk, Voyskovoy lane, 12from 12:00
Assorted Traditional Meat Delicacies (525 g)
40 rub.
Assorted Homemade Cheese with Honey and Apple (525 g)
20 rub.
A german beer cellar with an authentic atmosphere, excellent malt beverages and hearty German cuisine
Review. Very nice place. Imported beer, friendly staff, good menu selection.
Hookah bar
Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 27from 12:00
Pickles and Marinades Set (460 g)
20 rub.
Special Crêpes with Beef (340 g)
10 rub.
Review. Perfect place! Delicious hookah, good food and so far one of the best in service
Karaoke Restaurant
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 11/2from 12:00
Kubelets (410 g)
13 rub.
Grill Bar in the city center with dishes in the author's performance and karaoke
Review. I want to express my gratitude for the hospitality and excellent cuisine! Service and staff at the highest level! Had a great time)))
Minsk, Frantsysk Skaryna st., 1from 12:00
Pancakes with Salmon (120/50/40 g)
25 rub.
Pancakes with Caviar (120/40/30 g)
25 rub.
European modern, steaks on the red-hot marble, and DJ floor, not far from the National Library
Review. Impressions are the most pleasant. The view from the window is wonderful in the evening, tasty menu, hearty atmosphere. Awesome!
Restaurant and Brewery
Minsk, Kulman st., 40from 12:00
Vendzhanae salo (100/30/30/25 g)
8 rub.
Snack from Belarusian meat delicacies (500 g)
30 rub.
Restaurant and brewery in a two-level separate building with beergarden, stage and dance floor
Review. We came on July 11th. We booked the table, but it was somehow unfortunate located. We were transplanted to the terrace without problems. There is a great service, delicious food, large portions - everything is super. Prices are not small, but that's a different issue) A set of all kinds of their own beer is a great idea! In general, this is a great place, 10/10.
Minsk, Zybickaya st., 4from 15:00
Pancakes with three types of caviar (180 g)
36 rub.
Review. Great interior and very tasty cuisine. Recommend!
Internatsionalnaya st., 33from 12:00
"Salo Set" (200/110/120/50/3 g)
19 rub.
A cafe-club with Belarusian cuisine and authentic interiors in the center of Minsk, near the Palace of the Republic
Review. On 13 February 2019 we spent the evening with a business partner from Germany. The girls at the entrance were very kind and friendly. They offered us to choose the right room for us ( little pleasant thing). The interior is beautiful, tables and chairs are very comfortable. We were ordering the dishes on the recommendation of the waitress and we're right. Everything was delicious. In general, the evening was good and everyone loved it. Thank you to everyone who took part in the arrangement of the place, in the cooking and serving it to customers. I wish you good luck to you and good visitors.
Minsk, Zhilunovicha st., 11from 11:00
Belarusian Pickles (300/20 g)
9 rub.
Country Treats (180/90/3 g)
13 rub.
Belarusian Style Herring (200/50/2 g)
8 rub.
Review. Celebrated a birthday party in the cafe Rebus, were satisfied. The staff is polite, friendly, an ideal place for weddings and banquets. Thank you!
Minsk, Independence ave., 78from 11:00
Skibki with tattered beef and onions fries (160/4 g)
9 rub.
Fried Pork Ears (200 g)
7,50 rub.
Cafe-bar with a cozy and warm atmosphere and a wide choice of dishes for the whole family at reasonable prices
Review. Great beef steak at a reasonable price too. You should come again only for one that reason. Plus my wife liked the salad "Gribnoe lukoshko" and the mussels. And I am 100 per cent agree about the salad.
Eco-Friendly Restaurant
Minsk region, P23 Minsk-Sluts Hwy. 3kmfrom 12:00
Pickles «Zastolnye» (550/2 g)
18 rub.
Herring with Sprat (440/5 g)
10 rub.
Hunter's Platter (150/35/2 g)
22 rub.
Men's Snack (380/5 g)
19 rub.
Home Stuff (420/5 g)
26 rub.
Country eco-friendly restaurant with home food and a fireplace room.
Review. Very nice to spend time in Razdolye. All dishes are delicious, fresh and leave the desire to come and try. Thank you very much! In addition, the staff is friendly and honest. Deserves the best words.
Minsk, V. Khoruzhey st., 17from 11:00
Toasted Bread with Herring (185/2)
8 rub.
Country Snack (150/150/30/30)
10,20 rub.
Herring to Pair with Vodka (100/150/60)
9,30 rub.
Review. The kitchen is very delicious !!!! thanks a lot! Thanks to the friendly staff! The best!
The restaurant & Hotel complex
Minsk, Amuratorskaya st., 4from 09:00
Hussar Snack with Home-Salted Herring and Boiled Potatoes (280 g)
8 rub.
The restaurant of Belarusian and European cuisine with a relaxing atmosphere and cozy environment
Review. Rested in a summer cafe. All liked it. Prices are reasonable. Yummy! Fun! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Very beautiful! We will come again.
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 118till 23:00
Village Treat (160/45/65/40 g)
14 rub.
Herring with Potatoes (100/120/70/10 g)
10 rub.
The restaurant of European and Belarusian cuisine in the «Aqua-Minsk» hotel
Review. Absolutely accidentally brought fate to the restaurant of the hotel "Aqua-Minsk" on 10.02.2019. Wonderful comfortable and bright room, but most importantly, very attentive staff. Despite the fact that there were not many employees (an administrator and two waiters) and a group and four tables sat in the hall, we did not go unnoticed. The waiter immediately approached us, helped in the choice of dishes and after 15 minutes we were already eating salads. Thanks to the cooks for delicious dishes. We wish you continue to keep it up! Be sure to come here again and I will recommend to my friends.
Country restaurant
Minsk region, Ozertsofrom 11:00
"Peasant Snack "(200/200/50/10 g)
12,50 rub.
Traditions of Belarusian cuisine at the large wooden table on the basis of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle
Review. Great place with great food and service! Thank!
Minsk, Kozlova st., 2from 11:00
Herring to Pair with Vodka (85\75\25 g)
4,20 rub.
Cottage Cheese Beer Snack "Four Flavors" (160\50 g)
4,20 rub.
Fried Sprat (130 g)
3,20 rub.
Assorted Pickles (220 g)
4,50 rub.
Toasted Bread with Cheese Sauce (120\50 g)
3,10 rub.
Review. What a wonderful place! The choice of pancakes is large and unusual! I took the sorcerers with cabbage - a delicious dish! The atmosphere is pleasant, I did not want to leave, I will come to you. Thanks for such delicious sorcerers, I have never seen anything like this anywhere.
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 19from 12:00
Rural snacks (480/780/6 g)
40 rub.
Review. Today I discovered a restaurant of Belarusian national cuisine! Pleasantly surprised by the variety of historical dishes, their competent interpretation, home cooking, but especially pleasantly touched by the service of Nikita, his reverent care, sincere attention, delicate and deeply respectful treatment of elderly ladies. And what is extremely important is how much the young man values ​​the name and prestige of the institution where he works. How I would like this attitude everywhere in our country.
City Cafe
Minsk, Mogilevskaya st., 12аtill 03:00
Pancakes with ricotta, spinach and Dorblu cheese (180/70/5 g)
5,70 rub.
Pancakes with ham, chicken and cheese (180/40/30 g)
5,70 rub.
Pancakes with chicken, mushrooms and Bechamel sauce (300 g)
8,40 rub.
A large network of 10 cafes and online delivery service,that is united by the love of good food at reasonable prices
Review. We came on 17 March with my friend to the cafe Garage on Dana Mall. We just wanted to drink coffee and as a result we ate croissants and even took a salad. Thank you cheerful and sociable tellers. This is very good place, I recommend to visit :)
Restaurant Bistro
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 49from 11:00
Pancakes with Potatoes and Mushrooms (135/1pcs g)
1,80 rub.
Review. It's unusual, as if the parents had been at dinner, everything was homemade and tasty.
Minsk, Russiyanova st., 4from 11:00
Shepherd's Pouch (200/10/1 g)
6,20 rub.
In the cafe, which is located in Uruche, you can taste Zharenka, Kolduny, and Draniki with Machanka
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