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Minsk, Surganova st., 41till 23:00
Cabbage Salad with Carrots (100 g)
1,60 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, simple and delicious food, affordable prices and a playroom for children
Review. Pleasant place, stylish interior and very soulful atmosphere for bistro.Nice team and wonderful bartender Tatiana... sociable and positive, always offer dessert and recommend something delicious)) I want to note that I constantly visit this institution and see periodic changes for the better in food and much more. It is very nice to be here, when the change of Administrator Anna, she will always solve and settle any problem or misunderstanding. I want to wish this institution success and prosperity.
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117atill 05:00
Salad with Beef Tongue (333 g)
13 rub.
Meat Salad (170/60/50/10 g)
15 rub.
The perfect place to have fun and chill out
Review. We celebrated a birthday, I liked everything very much, the food and its delivery are excellent, 2 bands performed cool music, the waiter Alexander is 100% charged, cool when people get high from their work, thanks coyote, the holiday was a success!
Raubicy village, Yantarnaya st., 2till 00:00
Olivier salad with duck, red caviar and crayfish (260 g)
18 rub.
The restaurant, which is filled with home comfort and warmth for everyone
Review. It is such a family place, there is a playground, good parking, nice atmosphere and delicious food!
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117till 02:00
Salad "Zhuraviny" (190/15/5 g)
10 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, delicious food and daily entertainment show programs
Review. Rested in the cafe "Komedia". In general, I liked everything very much, delicious food, beautiful interior, cheerful music, everything is festive and energetic. Came to 10 and left at 4 in the morning. They did not want to choose this particular cafe.
Minsk, Kalinovskogo st., 32till 23:00
Salad "Assorti" (200/10 g)
8,50 rub.
Cafe-club located in the district "Zelenyj Lug" with a banquet room and large portions
Review. I want to note the wonderful singer Tatiana, who made our holiday unforgettable, full of positive emotions. This girl will bring your institution good luck and many grateful visitors.
Country cafe
Minsk region, Borovlyany24/7
Salad "Radzіvіlauskі" (230 g)
8,90 rub.
Potato Salad with Herring (230 g)
9,10 rub.
Salad "Paparat Kvetka" (230 g)
9 rub.
A country cafe in Borovlyany with a decent selection of BBQ, beer hall and hookah room
Review. Celebrated the birthday of a friend. The kitchen is just amazing! In short: a pleasant, soothing atmosphere, where you can spend a lot of time unnoticed, a good menu selection, very responsive and unobtrusive staff, (the waiter Daria is just super !!!!) The most positive impressions about the restaurant. Recommend.
Minsk, Zhilunovicha st., 11till 23:00
Cocktail Salad "Mimosa" with Tuna (200/3 g)
9 rub.
Poultry Salad with Mushrooms (200/3 g)
8 rub.
Salad "Paparat Kvetka" (200/3 g)
12 rub.
Review. Celebrated a birthday party in the cafe Rebus, were satisfied. The staff is polite, friendly, an ideal place for weddings and banquets. Thank you!
Manor house
Logoiski d., Chudenichi v., Lesnaya st., 2а24/7
Belarusian salad (200 g)
11,50 rub.
A manor house in classic European style with a large banquet hall, accommodation and landscaped grounds
Review. On August 25, we celebrated our daughter's wedding. All guests are delighted with the attentive service of the staff, the kitchen (really liked the beef), the interior. Great breakfast. Everything is fine. Thanks to the whole team!
Minsk, Pobeditelej av., 23/1till 17:00
Salad "Mushroom Glade" (140 g)
4,20 rub.
A place where the main traditions of Belarusian’s hospitality and generosity of soul are perfectly observed
Review. We thank the wonderful team "Cafe Spadchyna" you helped make our wedding (30.01.2009) unforgettable and the best. What can I say: great variety, delicious cheap food, cleanliness, high level of organization! Special thanks to the administrators Alexander and Natalia. You are professionals and good fellows! We recommend all this place and we'll come again. Thanks for everything!
Minsk, Melezha st., 1till 23:00
Salad with Baked Pumpkin, bacon and honey mustard dressing (205 g)
8 rub.
A network of stylish pizze
Review. Hello! Today we visited not for the first time a great restaurant Terra pizza! And, as always, I was ecstatic! There is insanely pleasant atmosphere, polite waiters. The singer Yana is doing a great job, she is very polite, kind and sociable, in short as good as gold and better gold! In addition I would like to mention the waitress, Pauline, she is intelligent and she makes ordinary night brighter, more colorful and more positive. We are very pleased that you have opened such a cool place! We come to you often and we are delighted! Everything is perfect in your cafe! Love you very much! You are the best!
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 130till 23:00
Farmer's Salad (300 g)
10 rub.
Review. Perfect place! Good food, friendly staff) I recommend!
Minsk, Surganova st., 6till 16:00
Olivier Salad
A cozy cafe for family celebrations and corporate events
Review. On 17 November 2018 we were celebrating here the anniversary. We were pleased with everything. Good kitchen, friendly staff. I would also like to address words of gratitude to director Artur Yurievich and to the whole team. Thank you very much!
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