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The Best Places to Taste Pike Perch


White lean meat of this fish is almost without small bones. Cooking a pike perch requires high skills: sometimes it includes several dozen stages. For example, "Pike Perch a la Radziwill" is one of the toughest dishes of Belarusian cuisine. The fish pairs nicely with a glass of white wine.

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Minsk, Minsk, Zybickaya st., 9from 12:00
Pike Perch Fillet with Mushy Peas and Cream Sauce (160/150/60/22 g)
19 rub.
Review. Service great and welcome. Food must be reviewed it was better before, burger too much salty, and dish and chips was over cooked and oily. Waiter was great.
Restaurant Bistro
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 49till 23:00
Pike Perch (100 g)
5,50 rub.
Review. Delicious, satisfying very much, thanks to the chefs.
Internatsionalnaya st., 33from 12:00
Neman Pike Perch (470/20/3 g)
30 rub.
A cafe-club with Belarusian cuisine and authentic interiors in the center of Minsk, near the Palace of the Republic
Review. I liked everything, thank you very much. I make a suggestion change the dishware for authentic, it's gonna be great. We come to the restaurant not for the first time, I wish you much luck and success!
Minsk, Sovetskaya st., 17from 12:00
Pike Perch Fillet with Potatoes, Spinach, and Lemon Sauce (390/30/2 g)
24 rub.
Review. Great institution for an evening dinner! My wife and I came, both were satisfied. Very nice interior and delicious cuisine. Special thanks for the free parking in the city center at the moment is a rarity). In general, I advise everyone! Thank!
Minsk region, Zhdanovichi, Zvezdnaya st., 19afrom 12:00
18 rub.
Pike perch fillet
18 rub.
The restaurant with European author cuisine, original serving of lunches and its own art gallery
Review. Everything is very delicious. Took 8 different dishes, all for 5! The staff is great, cozy interior. Cook handsome, or beautiful))))
Minsk, Voronyanskogo st., 12from 12:00
Pike Perch Neman Style (350/2 g)
28 rub.
Review. Were with a small child. The music is soft, plays in the background, the kid has a place to run around, the decor is cozy, the staff is friendly, friendly, attentive, the food is delicious. We enjoyed it a lot by visiting this place). Thank.
Manor house
Logoiski d., Chudenichi v., Lesnaya st., 2а24/7
Pike Perch Fillet with Duxelles (150/50 g)
18,80 rub.
A manor house in classic European style with a large banquet hall, accommodation and landscaped grounds
Review. On August 25, we celebrated our daughter's wedding. All guests are delighted with the attentive service of the staff, the kitchen (really liked the beef), the interior. Great breakfast. Everything is fine. Thanks to the whole team!
Minsk, Gazety Pravda av., 11till 23:00
Pike-Perch on a Wheat Crouton with Chanterelles and Apples (225 g)
20 rub.
Review. Westphalia, in my opinion, can claim to be one of the best restaurants in the city! Was in this institution more than once including today. The kitchen is always top notch! Highly qualified staff is always polite and ready to please your any preferences. It is a pity that, due to its location not in the very central part of the city, many may not have heard about this establishment. I strongly advise everyone to visit the restaurant "Westphalia" to enjoy delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere!
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 19from 12:00
Creamy sauce with leek (180/252 g)
24 rub.
Cozy cafe with authentic atmosphere, where you can taste traditional and original dishes of Belarusian cuisine
Review. Today I discovered a restaurant of Belarusian national cuisine! Pleasantly surprised by the variety of historical dishes, their competent interpretation, home cooking, but especially pleasantly touched by the service of Nikita, his reverent care, sincere attention, delicate and deeply respectful treatment of elderly ladies. And what is extremely important is how much the young man values ​​the name and prestige of the institution where he works. How I would like this attitude everywhere in our country.
Minsk, Tolstogo st., 10from 12:00
Pike perch in mustard sauce (140/150/60 g)
16 rub.
Beer restaurant near the city center with delicious dishes, fresh draft beer and cozy atmosphere
Review. Thank you so much. We rested with my wife. Everything was nice. The service is excellent. Dishes are yummy.
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