The Best Places to Taste Pickles


It is about seasonal vegetables salted in a jar with a typical spicy sour and salt taste. Cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage in a brine complement the hot dishes of a hearty dinner.

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Restaurant & Bistro of shopping mall
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 52from 11:00
Pickles (300/12 g)
от 6,48 rub.
Review. Very affordable prices and luxurious interior I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for a great place in the center.
Minsk district, vil. Kamennaya gorkafrom 09:00
Grandma's Pickles (350/15 g)
12 rub.
A varied menu, attentive service and affordable prices. Banquets for up to 50 guests.
Eco-Friendly Restaurant
Minsk region, P23 Minsk-Sluts Hwy. 3kmfrom 12:00
Pickles «Zastolnye» (550/2 g)
18 rub.
Country eco-friendly restaurant with home food and a fireplace room.
Review. Yesterday celebrated her birthday! That is to say that super is to say nothing! Starting from meeting guests, music, entertainment, service, everything is at the highest level! Warm and friendly atmosphere! Very tasty food! A lot of attention to birthday men) and the service is just a fairy tale! You just have to look (and I had only to think) and all my desires were fulfilled by a wonderful waiter and little man Angelica! Special thanks to her! made the menu, greeted us with a glass and a snack, entertained, fed! All my guests and I were delighted! Thank you very much, "Expanse"! We promise to return)
Hookah bar
Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 27from 12:00
Pickles and Marinades Set (460 g)
20 rub.
Сozy lounge areas, exquisite European cuisine, author’s cocktails, unique hookah sets
Review. A very nice Shisha place with great home made lemonades. Eugene is a fantastic shisha expert and can tell you all about it!
Minsk, Zhilunovicha st., 11from 11:00
Belarusian Pickles (300/20 g)
9 rub.
Review. Celebrated a birthday party in the cafe Rebus, were satisfied. The staff is polite, friendly, an ideal place for weddings and banquets. Thank you!
Minsk, Kozlova st., 2from 11:00
Assorted Pickles (220 g)
4,50 rub.
A cafe with a wide range of dishes of national Belarusian cuisine. A huge selection of draniki with various fillings.
Review. Wonderful cafe! The room is spacious and quite comfortable. High chairs - fun! Draniki are delicious, the beer is quite good, we liked it. Thank you for such a cafe in the center of the city, you didn’t think that there is such a thing, and the menu has such a variety of pancakes (unexpectedly, fully justifies its name), especially the sorcerers liked it, it is clear that they tried when they created this dish! Come again, be sure!
Restaurant of Slavic cuisine
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 11from 12:00
Snack from the Сellar (150/260/40/80/10 g)
12,40 rub.
There are magnificent Slavic banquets, liqueur "for the road", and the real Russian oven on Nemiga street
Review. Today we were with friends, celebrated my birthday, I liked it, good food, attentive staff, program. Were pleasantly surprised by the gift from the institution of the birthday ceremony, beautiful, romantic, music, danced, ate tasty, fried lard on the stake in Belarusian traditions, accompanied by music, everything is very good, I recommend !!!!! And she will come again for sure ....
Bars & Pub
Minsk, Moskovskaya st., 20from 11:30
Homemade pickled vegetables "Pikuli” (250 g)
7 rub.
The pub with author's cuisine and Belarusian craft beer near the metro station «Instytut Kultury»
Review. It is a good place, I liked the cuisine and service. Special thanks to the bartender Anastasia for advice on the menu, and for the creation of a positive atmosphere.
Irish Pub
Minsk, Gikalo st., 5from 16:00
Pickles Plateau with Croutons and Salo (480 g)
15 rub.
The Irish pub with burgers and steaks, sports broadcasts, and loud music
Review. Were with a friend on Monday night! Very nice place with a pleasant atmosphere and great music. The team of staff works fine, everything is clear and fast.
Minsk, Sharangovicha st., 7from 11:00
Granny's Сellar (250/2 g)
8,15 rub.
Review. Delicious food, pleasant atmosphere. I would recommend to everyone!
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