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Minsk, pr. Pobeditelei, 116from 12:00
Pelmeni with Veal (250/50 g)
9 rub.
Vareniki with Potatoes and Mushrooms (250/50 g)
6 rub.
Restaurant complex of premium class with Azerbaijani cuisine, playground for children, and a large landscaped area
Review. The food is absolutely delicious, the desserts melt in my mouth. The staff was very helpful. Thank you! We enjoyed visiting this restaurant!
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 2till 23:00
Pelmeni (345 g)
13 rub.
Review. A pleasant cafe without pathos, where you can have a delicious dinner and chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Decent cuisine, variety of dishes, fast and quality service.
Minsk, Kozlova st., 2till 23:00
Lamb Pelmeni with Broth (200\150\50 g)
4,70 rub.
Homemade Pelmeni (200\50 g)
4,20 rub.
A cafe with a wide range of dishes of national Belarusian cuisine. A huge selection of draniki with various fillings.
Review. Wonderful cafe! The room is spacious and quite comfortable. High chairs - fun! Draniki are delicious, the beer is quite good, we liked it. Thank you for such a cafe in the center of the city, you didn’t think that there is such a thing, and the menu has such a variety of pancakes (unexpectedly, fully justifies its name), especially the sorcerers liked it, it is clear that they tried when they created this dish! Come again, be sure!
Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 27from 12:00
19,50 rub.
Review. I liked the interior very much, with its sustained tones, calm music is playing in the background. Smiling and helpful staff. Let us turn to the food ordered pancakes with meat in white mushroom sauce and Chicken fillet stuffed with pine nuts and Philadelphia cheese with baked potatoes in white mushroom sauce, the dishes were pleasant, everything was home-cooked and fresh. Well, special thanks for the hookah. Hookah heard our wishes and the hookah was divine. I advise you to visit this place))
Minsk, Zybickaya st., 4from 13:00
Homemade chicken pelmeni, thyme and ginger cream sauce (270/70 g)
14 rub.
Beef pelmeni, homemade adjika (300/80 g)
16 rub.
Gastrobar on Zybitskaya street! The menu presents dishes from local products for locavores. Live music, DJ
Review. Delicious. Were the company yesterday. I liked the live music, and the cool atmosphere.
Minsk, Vitebskaya st., 10from 12:00
Farm dumplings with game (250/100/3 g)
15,50 rub.
Fundamental restaurant and brewery with craft brands and traditional cuisine in Rakovsky suburb
Review. We visited this place a few days ago and we liked everything on the whole. Nice atmosphere and good food. I’d like to thank especially Aleksandra, a very nice girl, for prompt service and returning the forgotten thing) We have good impressions)
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 49till 02:00
Venison Dumplings (250 g)
14 rub.
Venison Dumplings (270 g)
19 rub.
от 9 rub.
Review. Yesterday evening, February 14, we spent with a boyfriend in "Siberia". The restaurant was the first time on the advice of friends. We are impressed. Chic music: the relaxing sounds of the Hang (if I’m not mistaken, it was the Hang) for February 14 is a great idea. The restaurant is beautiful, atmospheric, but at the same time very intimate. The dishes are delicious. Prices pleasantly pleased. Thanks for the evening. Plans to repeat)
Cafe of shopping mall
Minsk, Independence Ave., 52till 21:00
Dumplings "Stolichnye" with sour cream (200/50/2/2 g)
от 4,98 rub.
Review. I really liked this place. Thank you for a wonderful evening, special thanks to chef - everything was very tasty. I recommend to everyone!
Minsk, P. Glebki st., 5till 23:00
Цена по запросу
Review. Beautiful place. Excellent food, good service. Very tasty and reasonable prices. When we come to Minsk we always go to Vasilki.
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