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The park-museum of interactive history
Minskaya o, Litvensky Region, Sula village, 14Day Off
Country Fried Duck with Barley Porridge with Cranberry Sauce (110/150/50/30 g)
16,50 rub.
Beef Cheek with garnish "Aurochs Hunting" (160/150/30/20 g)
18,50 rub.
Bigos from Royal hunting (150/70/30/5 g)
13 rub.
Pork Ears baked with Tongue, Potatoes and Vegetables "Jägermeister's Morning" (440/20/15 g)
14,50 rub.
The Park-museum located in 49 km from Minsk with mini-hotels in the style of manor houses of the XVIII century
Review. This is a great place for rest with children, there is something to do for them and you can have fun too. There are beautiful views and atmosphere, friendly staff. Thanks a million.
Manor house
Volozhinsky rn, v. Zamostyany
Homemade Baked Meat
20 rub.
A manor house for 16 guests near the Berezina river with entertainment infrastructure, a sweating room, and spearfishing
Review. Rested in the estate at the invitation of friends. Perfect place! House, river, territory! Everything is tasteful and well maintained. Around the hammocks, which are enough for everyone, bicycles for outdoor activities, a lot of fish and swans, for which it is a pleasure to watch. On the territory you can play football, volleyball, badminton! It is evident that Dmitry and his family love this place and care for him. Very affordable price, available to everyone!
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