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The Best Places to Taste Kolduny

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Minsk, Pobediteley av., 21till 00:00
Meat stuffed Draniki with sour cream. (250/100 g)
15 rub.
Famous Danish smorrebrod and national Scandinavian dishes in the restaurant of the author’s cuisine
Review. Thanks to the music group on Saturday evening for the atmosphere and the staff for the delicious hookah and cocktails. A lot of people, but, as they say, in crampedness - no offense) Great place.
Minsk, Surganova st., 6till 16:00
Kolduny with Meat (250/50 g)
4 rub.
A cozy cafe for family celebrations and corporate events
Review. We celebrated in this cafe anniversary 15.09.2018. We were very satisfied with beautiful interior, cozy atmosphere,delicious cuisine and fast service. Many thanks to restaurant owner Arthur and administrator Tatyana for carrying out this event!
Restaurant Club
Minsk, Filimonova st., 24till 01:00
Potato Cutlets (Kolduny) with Duck and Rabbit Filling on a Pillow of Wild Mushrooms with Sauce "Stroganov" (250/30/15 g)
37 rub.
A restaurant created for people with a sophisticated taste. Whatever you try, you choose premium quality dishes.
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 74till 23:00
Kolduny with Sour Cream (320/50 g)
6,90 rub.
A cozy cafe with Belarusian cuisine, affordable prices, regular discounts and the possibility of banquets
Review. Thanks for a wonderful evening! I liked everything very much) the food from the oven is really very tasty and satisfying! Separate respect for the children's room !!!! Children and adults are happy! We will definitely come to you!
Minsk, Novovilenskaya st., 10till 23:00
7 rub.
A small corner of Italy in the middle of Minsk: a hall in the colors of the Italian flag, filled with fragrant smells
Review. Pizza is very tasty! Often we go in, often take to go. Pleases takeaway discount) The staff is always friendly. The place is calm, with pleasant music. Again, the pizza is very good, the waiting time is 15-20 minutes. I wish the institution of growth, development and prosperity)
Minsk district, vil. Kamennaya gorkatill 22:00
Potato Pancakes with Meat Filling (Kolduny)
A varied menu, attentive service and affordable prices. Banquets for up to 50 guests.
Eco-Friendly Restaurant
Minsk region, P23 Minsk-Sluts Hwy. 3kmtill 00:00
Kolduny with Pork and Creamy Mushroom Sauce (350/50/2 g)
18 rub.
Country eco-friendly restaurant with home food and a fireplace room.
Review. Yesterday celebrated her birthday! That is to say that super is to say nothing! Starting from meeting guests, music, entertainment, service, everything is at the highest level! Warm and friendly atmosphere! Very tasty food! A lot of attention to birthday men) and the service is just a fairy tale! You just have to look (and I had only to think) and all my desires were fulfilled by a wonderful waiter and little man Angelica! Special thanks to her! made the menu, greeted us with a glass and a snack, entertained, fed! All my guests and I were delighted! Thank you very much, "Expanse"! We promise to return)
Minsk, Vitebskaya st., 10till 00:00
Potato pancakes with beef (520/100/2 g)
19,50 rub.
Fundamental restaurant and brewery with craft brands and traditional cuisine in Rakovsky suburb
Review. We visited this place a few days ago and we liked everything on the whole. Nice atmosphere and good food. I’d like to thank especially Aleksandra, a very nice girl, for prompt service and returning the forgotten thing) We have good impressions)
Café, bar, karaoke
Minsk, B.Khmelnitskogo st., 10atill 05:00
Kolduny with meat (290/1 g)
11 rub.
Karaoke bar with the loft style interior, terrace and lounge room for 15 people
Review. Once again, Plan B approved my preferences. Yesterday I and my friends had a great time, drank a barrel of rum), we sang a lot of songs, some of us did not even expect that we would be able to). Many thanks to the singers! The girl was very reminiscent of Adele). We were welcomed by the absolutely adorable waitress whose name, unfortunately, I could not read because of poor eyesight, and a very attentive manager. Plan B, you’ll always keep the standards high!
Manor house
Minsk, village Sosenka, st. Zarechnaya, 2724/7
Sir's Kolduny with Sour Cream and Onions (400/50 g)
9,90 rub.
A manor house which is located near Minsk with a cozy atmosphere, picturesque nature, quality service and nutrition
Review. Loved the complex! The time has passed, we will come again! Particularly pleased with the quality of the furniture, and beautiful interior. Large territory. There is where to walk and adults, and children. Conveniently near the reservoir. In the summer we will go with bathing accessories. Thanks for the welcome!
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