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Restaurant and brewery in a two-level separate building with beergarden, stage and dance floor
Minsk, Kulman st., 40
Review We came on July 11th. We booked the table, but it was somehow unfortunate located. We were transplanted to the terrace without problems. There is a great service, delicious food, large portions - everything is super. Prices are not small, but that's a different issue) A set of all kinds of their own beer is a great idea! In general, this is a great place, 10/10.
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Grill Bar in the city center with dishes in the author's performance and karaoke
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 11/2
Review Very pleased with the Friday evening, held in the Trinity! We came with girls to karaoke, but we also received a delicious dinner, and fiery dances. Salad of baked vegetables one love ❤️! Very nice waiters and bartender Tema is the best
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Karaoke bar with the loft style interior, terrace and lounge room for 15 people
Minsk, B.Khmelnitskogo st., 10a
Review We celebrated the birthday here. I liked everything - music, interior design, service, food. Everything was of top quality and at reasonable prices. Many thanks to Evgeniy for the excellent hookah and cheerful mood. We’ll definitely come here again.
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There are friendly staff, author cuisine, unique cocktails, hot dances and parties
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 9/10
Review We all liked it))) Kitchen, music, atmosphere for 10 points)))
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The karaoke for gourmets with the atmosphere of the theatre in everything, from serving dishes to karaoke performances.
Minsk, Masherova av., 11
Review A great place, I am not a fan of karaoke, I do not know how to sing, but it was nice, the sound is amazing, there is a team of professionals, a beautiful interior, warm atmosphere. Thanks for a nice evening, I recommend it to everyone!
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Karaoke bar
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 17
Review Great karaoke. The atmosphere of comfort and friendliness. I want to say a special thank you to the bartender Alexey, without him there was no such rest, he served perfectly and supported the conversation, there would be more such. I will come to you again)))
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Great service, beautifully prepared food and cozy atmosphere are enough to keep you coming back here again and again
Minsk, Tolbukhina, 2
Review Celebrated her birthday with a big company 09/08/2018. Loved the atmosphere, food and service! The waiter Alexandra was attentive and responsive.
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Nice view of Minsk from the 21st floor of DoubleTree by Hilton. Pan-Asian and European cuisine, author cocktails
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 9
Review Cocktails chic, awesome serve. Beautiful view of the night city. Being in this institution, you feel not in Minsk. Thank you for a pleasant stay)
Karaoke bar
Minsk, Oktyabrskaya sq., 1/1
Review I visit this place periodically, but oddly enough - I always get on the coolest energy! Institution at a fairly good level. The administrator and the waiters are very friendly and pleasant, they will always fit and clarify whether everything is in order. The presenter Daria is just a delightful girl with wonderful vocal and organizational details! It always helps with the choice of a song and from a non-singer will definitely make anyone sing)), there would be more such people leading us to the capital! It was in many karaoke centers of different types, but only here is the sincere, homely atmosphere. Wait for a visit on the week!
Minsk, Zybitskaya st., 2
Review Today we had dinner in the "Buffet" bar, the dishes were struck by their originality and taste. Loved the cold snacks. The dessert is unique and the presentation is beautiful, the chef is on top!
Restaurant, karaoke
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 7
Review Were on karaoke on Sunday - everything is super From friendly staff to music Thanks you!
Club Restaurant
Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya st., 24
Review I do not advise to visit. There is nothing to breathe. Allow smoking in the hall. Refuse flatly turn on the air conditioner.
Karaoke bar
Minsk, Minsk, Partizanskiy av., 6a
Review Celebrated birthday! Maximum attention! Super dancing! Tasty food! Good sound! All the staff with us came off! thank
Minsk, Kosmonavtov st., 29
Review I like everything: from the interior to the kitchen. Periodically go to drink coffee, eat ice cream or dine. Prices are quite democratic. Sometimes the truth is noisy, but not critical. In general, according to the 5-point system, the estimate is 4.5. Paul points for noise. All cafe workers - great luck and good visitors.
Karaoke club
Minsk, P. Brovki st., 15
Review Super institution, I and my friends really enjoyed it! Excellent cuisine, good hookah, reasonable prices, I recommend
Minsk, Zybickaya st., 9
Review Sunday you rested. Thank you very much to all the staff, I really enjoyed karaoke in the hall, eating rolls
Minsk, Masherova av., 25
Review Come the second weekend in a row. Rested with the company. New prices are just super. Good atmosphere, food, service. It is immediately noticeable that there is a professional sound and a talented girl leading, which helps to sing, but does not interfere. In general, everything is good.
Karaoke bar
Minsk, Zhilunovicha, 11
Review Rested by the company at the weekend. I liked everything very much. Service is good, nice young waiters. Yes, and the prices are adequate. There is a deposit, which is also important for us. The sound is just super, well done not even expect. To many karaoke, this is simply not enough. Come again, wait)
Karaoke club
Minsk, Surganova st., 58
Review Rested with a friend in karaoke. Good atmosphere, reasonable prices, wonderful sound, I happen to be in such places, I have something to compare. All the guests look decent, it is clear that the administrator knows his business.
Karaoke club
Minsk, Slobodskaya st., 27
Review Very pleasant impressions from karaoke !! Have fun all over, food is very tasty, the girls leading are just super! Thank you, girls !!! Be sure to return))
Minsk, Kulman st., 3
Review My birthday was celebrated on 10.08 pt. I can say that everything is just super. Delicious menu, pleasant and fun atmosphere and atmosphere. There were holidaymakers, the English party, bachelor party, bachelorette party - hello everyone! You guys are all funny and cool. It was very fun and cool. The waitress Katerina, nice girl - thank you very much for your attention - we just had enough). We liked! Recommend!
Karaoke club
Minsk, Masherova av., 11
Review The service is top notch, the music is great. Special thanks to backing vocalists, girls, you are great!
Minsk, Y. Kolasa st., 37
Review A decent place! Soulful music, positive people and good attendants. Periodically attend and always satisfied!
Karaoke club
Minsk, Kalvariiskaya st., 1
Review Rested on the last weekend, in spite of a large number of people, everyone liked everything very much! Guys are laid out at all 300% !!! Just smarties! We will come again and again. Thank you very much! Kisses))
Karaoke bar
Minsk, Oktyabrskaya sq., 1/1
Review February 23 rested by the company in this club. A lot of positive emotions. Friendly staff, good sound. Be sure to come again. Guys, you're the best!!!
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