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Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 58
Review It was incendiary and cool! Recommend!
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Great service, beautifully prepared food and cozy atmosphere are enough to keep you coming back here again and again
Minsk, Tolbukhina, 2
Review Thank you, we liked everything, and the kitchen, and the interior, and service)
Steak house
Minsk, P. Brovki st., 15
Review Good day to all! I'll start right away with the fact that I visited many establishments in Minsk, about 40 for sure! (there is something to compare). But Bison was surprised ... in a good way). I have never tasted such delicious steaks! Perfect steak! Delightful! Take friends and come to Buffalo! Well, the price))) is just a fairy tale. Bison is definitely in the list of my best places). There are no such steaks anywhere else!
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Club Restaurant
Minsk, Partizanskiy av., 2/1
Review We rested with a large team at Crazy Horse !! We were impressed with a good impression! A wonderful establishment! Special thanks to Dmitry, for the necessary advice and help in organizing the event! We were satisfied! We advise everyone!
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Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya st., 44
Review There were a cafe on Saturday, I liked the kitchen, the service was terrible, the chairs were broken, dubious people came, untidy. Repair needed. Did not like.
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The hookah lounge with a large hookah park, European cuisine and fine tea collection
Minsk, Yakuba Kolasa st., 42
Review Beautiful and cozy place ) I constantly visit it with friends and advise everyone. Positive and helpful staff! I especially want to thank: The administration Daria who is always accepting and positive) The waiter Constantine is the man who will make your evening ! ;) Hookah master Nikita who will make the best hookah considering all wishes)
Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya st., 1
Review On October 13, we celebrated our own wedding here. Everything was at the highest level, starting from drawing me up to the end of the event. A huge plus is a good sized parking. The portions are really big and nourishing, the waiters are very friendly and diligently (even very) perform their duties. In general, and in general there is nothing to complain about. Special thanks to the administrators and especially to Anna. All guests were delighted with the evening. Prosperity to you and generous customers. We will recommend to everyone.
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Minsk, Surganova st., 20
Review Calm place with a great atmosphere. Tobacco for hookah interfere deliciously and pour a good beer!
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Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, delicious food and daily entertainment show programs
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117
Review Yesterday we visited this cozy spiritual place. Very, very much! The interior, the food and the lovely waitress Dasha, who served us :) Everyone was delighted with the atmosphere and the kitchen, and the staff.
Hookah bar
Minsk, Tolbuhina st., 4
Review Hookah good lemonade delicious, there are board games. Today, even football and cool, beauty.
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Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya st., 4
Review It looks modest, but as far as food is concerned, great. And at a very low price.
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A new platform for connoisseurs of good cuisine and quality leisure
Minsk, Surganova st., 57b
Review New clean house. Nice staff. Very beautiful serving of desserts and cocktails. The price range is slightly above average. It's delicious. Good hookah.
Night club
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 73
Review The music and the program as a whole are quite good, very polite waiters, the prices are reasonable, but the impressions of the guard's behavior are very spoiled, completely inadequate! How can such non-educated people be employees in such establishments?
2 reviews
Minsk, Khmelnitskogo st., 7
Review New Myata Khmelnitsky was a discovery for our company. Delicious steaks, thanks to the cooks! Wide cocktail menu and amazing hookah "What kind of orgasm" that we tried. The staff is smiling, friendly, attentive. I recommend 100% !!!
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The hookah bar in the center of Minsk with various flavors of hookahs, European cuisine, a wide choice of entertainment
Minsk, Y. Kolosa st., 19
Review Come sit, smoke hookah here! From the very beginning I met a nice young man who was very friendly. They brought us a delicious and smoky hookah, a huge juicy burger. The girl waiter Maria was just gorgeous) is always there, polite. In general, I recommend)
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Hookah bar
Minsk, Y. Kolosa st., 37
Review Very cozy place. The entire staff is not intrusive, friendly. Thank you.
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Minsk, Frantsiska Skoriny st., 2
Review Loved it! The atmosphere is top notch. I am sure that I will give more than once!
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Restaurant Club
Minsk, Y. Kolosa st., 37
Review 03/17/2017 Horrible bowling !! There is no light. Dark. Nothing is visible, at the request to add a little bit of coverage, failure !!! Birthday is ruined. Once again, a terrible bowling !!!! I do not advise. As the staff is rude, no tank and bowling !! I do not recommend this institution. 0 points.
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Restaurant of Armenian cuisine
Minsk region, Raubichi
Review We drove into the Oasis in the autumn evening with our family. Very cozy, the fireplace, near which we settled, gave the atmosphere of our stay a special mood. Barbecue platter with vegetables and delicious khachapuri, salad, soup, everything is very tasty. I am writing and again I want a real Armenian barbecue! Administrator Marina, Elizabeth and Vladimir thank you! Quickly, harmoniously, on top.
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Karaoke bar with the loft style interior, terrace and lounge room for 15 people
Minsk, B.Khmelnitskogo st., 10a
Review We celebrated the birthday here. I liked everything - music, interior design, service, food. Everything was of top quality and at reasonable prices. Many thanks to Evgeniy for the excellent hookah and cheerful mood. We’ll definitely come here again.
Cafe Club
Minsk, P. Brovki st., 22
Review Bright, beautiful, new, tasty and not expensive
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Minsk, Y. Kolasa st., 37
Review We looked for a long time on Saturday evening with friends where we could sing. Since it was occupied everywhere, they booked a table here and did not lose. Got drunk and got drunk from the heart. The most pleasant thing is that you do not have to wait an hour until it is your turn. And after 03:00 our table was left alone. Of all such institutions, I decided that I would only go here.
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Minsk region, Borovaya
Review We celebrated the wedding and were, to put it mildly, shocked by the service. When all the guests had already sat down at the table, it turned out that the water on the table was not exposed, the bottles of wine were clogged, with a corkscrew trouble (one corkscrew on the whole cafe?). There were no waiters visible; they all appeared when they approached them three times already. Of course, the staff is quite polite, no doubt, but it is unknown about what attentiveness they wrote before - it is not known! At the hall, the staff appeared only when it was necessary to deliver hot, the rest of the time they still had to be searched. There are no questions to eat, everything was delicious. In general, we would not advise to celebrate the wedding there!
Karaoke club
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 58
Review Back vocal works disgustingly ... We can say that it does not work, it used to be better. And the sound became worse ... the deposit became higher, and the quality is worse and much (very disappointing (
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Karaoke club
Minsk, Vaneeva st., 3
Review I want to express my gratitude to all the staff of the "Utesov" karaoke for the quality and professional organization of the holiday! Very soulful, cozy, tasty, fun and inexpensive! Very friendly and attentive staff, high quality service, very positive DJ, insanely talented vocalist! Thank you for the present mood! We will come to you again and again and we will recommend your establishment to everyone!
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