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The bright fusion, European and Asian cuisine with panoramic views of the Palace of Independence
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 65
Review Thank you for the delicious evening of the restaurant manager, delicate waiter and cook !! The cuisine is excellent, the service is great !! You made our evening even more magical! For the best service just here!;)
Minsk, Skryganova st., 6a
Review Rested a large group of friends in this cafe. The kitchen is just lick your fingers !!)) After the awesome cocktails, I didn't want to leave at all)) Hookahs, and we smoked them three, generally cool, the guys know how to guess preferences)) The staff is very smiling, funny and caring!)) Thank you very much !!)) Prosperity to you!) We will definitely come to you many, many times!)))
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Minsk, Melnikayte st., 4
Review Friendly waiters, reasonable prices. Of the drawbacks - the dishes are prepared for a very long time. Although if you came to talk, it is not so scary
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Minsk, Storozhevskaya, 7
Review We watched on the terrace today the opening of the World Cup 20018 and the match, good service and delicious snacks. Everything was great!
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Nice view of Minsk from the 21st floor of DoubleTree by Hilton. Pan-Asian and European cuisine, author cocktails
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 9
Review Sumptuously! Super! Cool! I do not even know which words to choose! Kitchen and service at a high level. Cocktails are generally struck by their creativity, the bartenders guys are great! I liked everything very much. Of course, the only negative is smoking in the place. Hoods are good, but if a non-smoking person comes to the bar a little discomfort. Definitely recommend! Minsk at night, fascinating and unforgettable ❤️
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Minsk, Lyubimova av., 10
Review We come here to eat, the chef is wonderful, the portions are big, hearty, everything is very tasty and meat and fish and vegetables, there is no place in Minsk with such prices and such a kitchen, the waiters are nice, I will recommend to all my friends.
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The country cafe with dishes of Belarusian cuisine, 35 kinds of BBQ and pizza from a special wood stove
Minsk district, vil. Zhdanovichi, Parkovaya st., 9а
Review It's great that you are near the road) we were driving in the late night hours, it was a heavy frost outside and we freeze to death) We stopped near the cafe, maked sure that it works, bought a coffee to go. It was tasty, thank you, we got warm) As well as the staff served us in cozy hospitable atmosphere) We wish you more guests in your hospitable cafe "Berloga"!
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Minsk, Matusevicha st., 33
Review Cozy and spiritual place. Wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, at the entrance there are, though harsh, but pleasant guards. In the hall there are caring administrators and polite waiters. Delicious cuisine, great music, a variety of cocktails. We go every week on weekends to relax and rest, on Wednesdays to laugh heartily on Stand up)) Special thanks to bartenders Serezha and Valentin, the guys are great and the service is always on top)
3 reviews
Restaurant, karaoke
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 7
Review It was just amazing! Delicious pilaf, beer, sweets and of course tea. The staff is just great. The atmosphere is cozy and everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Be sure to come here again and again.
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Located in Nemiga street a three storey teahouse with Eastern and European cuisine, hookahs and rich interiors
Minsk, Komsomolskaya st., 6
Review I liked everything, the kitchen, the atmosphere, the interior, rested on the third floor, quietly and pleasantly, thank you. If possible, come again)
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Minsk, Starovilenskaya st., 4
Review We stopped at the first accidentally eat and smoke hookah. The place offered a comfortable, what they wanted. The staff at the proper level, just great. Friendly, attentive, and not intrusive. Hookah, just super .. with taste straight to the point, thanks Cyril! Very responsive young man, helped us not experienced). Now one of the favorite places, because you can eat tasty food in many places, and not really have a rest anywhere! Thank!
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Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 25A
Review Good day! A place where you really want to come back again and again Service, staff and food at the highest level. I would like to write separately about the excellent taste of tea and its aroma. I would also like to acknowledge and thank the hookah master. Hookah really was very good. Briefly, but in the case. Will definitely visit you again! Thank you for your hospitality!
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Hookah bar with a large cocktail menu, DJ sets, live music and sports broadcasts
Minsk, Mogilovskaya st., 4B
Review Not the first time in this hookah, great atmosphere, great hookah and great guys) We will come more often)
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Karaoke club
Minsk, Storozhevskaya st., 15a
Review Were March 22, 18 To say that in delight is to say nothing. Everything was top notch. I would like to express special thanks to our leading company Evgenia and Nikita from all of our company. Two great singing people who supported us throughout the evening. Were also pleasantly surprised by the clear sound. I would like to mention the waiters. Great clever. 10 out of 10.
Hookah bar
Minsk, V. Khoruzhey st., 29b
Minsk, Volodko st., 6
Review Visited the cafe "Deja Vu" and were very unhappy with the kitchen. Not tasty, and as for meat and fish dishes, the meat and fish should still be searched. Prices are not small, as in the center, but the quality suffers. The service is good, the waiters and the receptionist are pleasant. The setting itself is gloomy. Cafe is "to say the least" in a very inconspicuous place. Would not recommend.
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Minsk, Zybitskaya st., 6
Review The best hookah in Minsk!
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Hookah bar
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 31
All season terrace
Minsk, Revolucionnaya st., 26/28
Review Wonderful place ! Perfect for relaxing with friends, relatives or a loved one. Polite waiters, nice atmosphere. When ordering a hookah, a young man named Shah. Good guy, master of his craft. He did not have long to explain the taste and strength of the hookah - he did everything perfectly) I am sure that I will return to this institution more than once)
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Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 18
Review Great cafe! Yesterday went to the pizza. Pizza is very tasty and juicy. Pleasant service and cozy place.
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Minsk, Korolya st., 9
Review Very beautiful interior, excellent service, the kitchen at the height. Great place for a romantic dinner. Favorite institution.
Minsk, Zybitskaya st., 9
Review Good day. I was lucky to visit this place. Great and cozy place. Timely service, staff polite and attentive. Recommend. Separately, I would like to thank Tatyana. I would also like to mention the girl Mila, your dance was stunning, the emotions are the brightest. Stay the same fun, sweet and positive, whatever happens. You are the most vivid impression this evening.
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A new eventful two-level restaurant & club with live music, stage and dance floor.
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 62/3
Review Excellent cuisine, bright and interesting interior, service at the height. The waitress Katerina served excellently, my friends and I were more than satisfied. Great place, we will come more often))
Minsk, Kazintsa st., 7
Review Rested in the friend 15/11/2018. I liked it very much, delicious food, pleasant atmosphere, reasonable prices. Recomend for everybody!
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Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 25a
Review Thanks for the evening! Pleasant waiters, music, the atmosphere itself.) Great (very straight!) Hookah and decent cuisine! Very pleased with the alcohol card) in general, everyone was satisfied Log in again? - definitely yes!
Reserve4 reviews
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