Meat and poultry dishes

The Best Places to Taste Homemade Sausages

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Minsk, Olshevskogo st., 20/11till 00:00
Pork Rolls with Buckwheat and Mushrooms (120/180/5/2 g)
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A stylish cafe of European cuisine with classic main menu, lunches, and breakfasts
Review. Great cafe, service is at the highest level ! Very nice and cozy ! Thanks for the delicious coffee ! We'll definitely come back to you for lunch!!
Minsk regiontill 00:00
Sausages on skewer with stewed cabbage (350/15 g)
16 rub.
Belarusian cuisine on the way to Fanipol
Review. It is very nice cafe. I do like the atmosphere and live music. The personnel is always affable. The cuisine is tasty, qualitative and reasonably priced.
Minsk, Kozlova st., 2till 23:00
Sausages "Vengerskie" with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes (70\100\50\20 g)
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A cafe with a wide range of dishes of national Belarusian cuisine. A huge selection of draniki with various fillings.
Review. Wonderful cafe! The room is spacious and quite comfortable. High chairs - fun! Draniki are delicious, the beer is quite good, we liked it. Thank you for such a cafe in the center of the city, you didn’t think that there is such a thing, and the menu has such a variety of pancakes (unexpectedly, fully justifies its name), especially the sorcerers liked it, it is clear that they tried when they created this dish! Come again, be sure!
Restaurant and Brewery
Minsk, Kulman st., 40till 02:00
Assorted sausages (1880/600/150/100 g)
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Restaurant and brewery in a two-level separate building with beergarden, stage and dance floor
Review. We came on October 13 to celebrate an anniversary with friends (16 people). After visiting the restaurant there were negative emotions! I liked the interior, good furnishings, great music, but the service leaves much to be desired, a hot meal was brought late for an hour and a half (the time was stipulated in advance), the portioned hot was mixed up with the general one, which had to be served much later, but this long-awaited hot was brought cold ! We ask the administration to be more attentive to each guest, especially in such important events for us that were spoiled!
Minsk region, Ratomka, st. Novaya, 20ADay Off
Peasant Machanka (350 g)
25 rub.
A cozy country restaurant, surrounded by dense forest with clean air.
Review. We thank the whole team for the excellent organization of the New Year evening, and we are very grateful to the support staff !!! Everything was up to par, homely and very tasty !!! Thanks you!!! Our holiday was a success!
Bars & Pub
Minsk, Moskovskaya st., 20till 23:00
Grilled sausages with potato wedges (150/100/50 g)
11 rub.
The pub with author's cuisine and Belarusian craft beer near the metro station «Instytut Kultury»
Review. A great place for rest with friends. Here it is pleasant to eat and drink beer.
Minsk, K. Marx str., 40till 23:00
Stuffed potato pancakes with home sausage (200/380/50/30/3 g)
25 rub.
Vantrabyanka (190/150/130 g)
27 rub.
Belarusian and Litvin cuisine respecting recipes in the downtown
Review. I’d like to note right away that I have been in many restaurants of the city. And believe me there are plenty to choose from! :))) I visited this great place several times, more often with friends, colleagues and guests of our events. Everyone really likes this restaurant! Starting with a meeting of visitors, continuing with serving dishes and table layout, finishing with food quality and creative approach to cooking! Original live music at the weekends is nice background for communication at the table with delicious national dishes. Sometimes the menu is updated to include interesting items, I liked it. Now I am a regular guest of this restaurant! Special thanks to administrators Yuliya and Dariya, as well as all staff for a special attitude to the guests! I recommend to everyone who wants to spend time in a cozy place with an original approach to old-Belarusian cuisine!
Restaurant Bistro
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 49till 23:00
Sausages "Bavarian" (100 g)
4,93 rub.
Review. It's unusual, as if the parents had been at dinner, everything was homemade and tasty.
Minsk, Minsk, Zybickaya st., 9till 00:00
Turkey Sausages with Stewed Cabbage and Apples (160/200 g)
17 rub.
Review. Simply and without further ado - a smart place. Every time everything is just great. In this place you relax, but you do not think when they bring / it will be tasty, because everything is on the level, however, as always.
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 11till 00:00
Minsk Style Sausages with Potato Balls and Champignon Mushrooms (100/100/70/2 g)
13,10 rub.
Review. Good day! We celebrated the wedding 09.09.2017 in the banquet hall of the hotel "Minsk". Everything was great: a beautiful room with a balcony, pleasant music, very tasty dishes (a wedding cake is just a culinary masterpiece). I would also like to note the attentive and unobtrusive service of the waiter Yevgeny Dubovsky, we express our deep gratitude to him (we hope that the management will mark him). We will recommend this wonderful place to our friends, success and prosperity to you.
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