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Minsk, Pobediteley av., 9
Review Gorgeous place! Thanks for the snacks and especially for the best burger!
French restaurant
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 106
Review A wonderful restaurant with a great atmosphere, interior, service, cuisine and wine list! Breakfast is always on top, and whenever possible I always try to have breakfast there, and on Friday evening it is impossible to think of a better place for dinner! What really can surprise you is the wine list, you will not find such wines anywhere .. Thanks to the Brioche team for such a wonderful place)
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 89
Review Awesome place! Exquisite cuisine! Celebrated birthday! Everyone is delighted! Administrator Olga took into account all our wishes! Thank you so much
Minsk, Chechota, 7
Review Unfortunately, the service is not very pleased. I had to wait a long time for the ordered coffee, but, fortunately, I liked the drink very much! Thanks to the barista Maxim!
Сoffee houses
Minsk, Nemiga st., 3
Review Were today with my mother in Dolce on Nemge. Stunning delicate latte with syrup, and delicious desserts, such we have never tried. We will now always go ..
Minsk, Bogdanovicha st., 26
Review Were on Friday, we were satisfied with both the quality of the food and the service. I was surprised that, given the loading of the cafe, we were fed fairly quickly and tasty. Live music is wonderful! I would also like to mention the work of Vladislav, the young man helped to decide on the choice of dishes, and relying on his recommendations got to the point. The administrator has set the mood from the entrance and endeared herself. In general, development, growth and prosperity to you and thank you for a good evening!
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 9
Review Quite often we are here with a girl, I like everything. The waitresses are polite and friendly, the food is delicious, the bar is also of good quality.
Minsk, Ponomarenko st., 34
Review Coffee tree is one of the best night places of its level. Not boring and not pathetic, very balanced in everything, very homely. The visual atmosphere, the atmosphere of comfort, good-natured waiters and a pleasant presenter Alexander. Celebrated the birthday 02.02.2019. Everything went at the highest level. They made a compliment in the form of a cappuccino and a birthday gift. Everything was delicious. Thanks for your work. We will come again!
Coffee house
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 37
Review A small but incredibly cozy coffee shop) Delicious coffee and desserts, I took Viennese coffee and Napoleon, my friend Sea-buckthorn tea and beautiful dessert Clementine, in the form of a large tangerine. Wow And the barista guy is very cute :)
Minsk, Lenina st., 3
Review A good cafe with a pleasant interior and unobtrusive service)) came here after a walk and lingered, because nice to sit. On weekdays, there are not many people, but in the evening they began to catch up) There is something to eat - meat, chicken and fish. Fried salmon is excellent!)) You can take desserts with you. Sorbe delicious and honey cake. Be sure to come back again to try something new))
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 12
Review Today, January 5, the case started in your restaurant. Very nice atmosphere is cozy and welcoming. The wait was short, the food is just delicious. Special respect to the cooks for tartare with dried cherries — anywhere else in Europe such a performance did not come across, very tasty. Salad with fish and persimmon also surprised. And the design of dishes resembles some author's cuisine, worthy of praise. Thank you very much, only wonderful impressions remained.
Minsk, Matusevicha st., 33
Review Very loud music. Socializing is not possible at all. But for those who like to dance, it is very suitable. The music is good, emotional. As for food, the institution has gone bad. It’s not tasty. For food, I do not recommend. But it is possible to dance atmospheric.
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