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Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 58
Review Was this Saturday at a party. Very pleased with the system all inclusive. You can just relax and have fun. Also nice girls in the hall. Create the right atmosphere. Thanks to the club for a bright night!
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The restaurant-club, where you will be surrounded by an atmosphere of attention and true hospitality
Minsk, Smolenskaya st., 15a
Review She celebrated her birthday in this restaurant. I liked the restaurant at first sight. Beautiful interior, pleasant stay. In addition, it is convenient to get, not far from the subway =) Loved the kitchen. Polite staff. The waiter was surrounded by care and attention. After visiting this restaurant only good impressions remained. I think the next dr will meet here!
Minsk, Tuchinskiy lane, 2
Minsk, Matusevicha st., 33
Review A cozy bar with a good program on weekends. But the biggest advantage is the staff. Always greeted with a smile, I come as a visit to friends. Thanks to the waiters Catherine and Denis for the positive.
Minsk, Kiseleva st., 12
Review Rested with friends last week in this club! I liked everything, probably the best place to rest on a weekday, as wherever we were in the city was empty, and here the atmosphere and the number of people were very pleased) Let's come some more!
Karaoke Theater
Minsk, Masherova av., 11
Review Karaoke club claims to be the best in Minsk. But I would not say that. The only value would be called only the interior. Food is the most common. Only the price is above average. The girl who meets at the entrance (apparently the administrator) can not give an adequate answer to the questions asked. I would also like to mention backing vocalists))) who not only sing (there are no questions to singing), but also dance))) this is complete thrash. Dancing at the level of school amateur. Comrades, you are the "best" in Minsk, well, try to keep the brand. And the most important thing is karaoke itself, for the sake of which you go there. Be prepared for the fact that you will not have such an opportunity, as they sing only VIP tables.
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There are friendly staff, author cuisine, unique cocktails, hot dances and parties
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 9/10
Review Great, great place !! They came with friends to celebrate the birthday, I liked everything very much! Special thanks for the live music and the host !!! Great, guys are great! I advise everyone to this place. It will be hot!
Music Club
Minsk, Oktyabrskaya st., 5
Minsk, Surganova st., 61
Review Very cozy place) delicious food, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff) special thanks to the chef for the great Fondant!
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American bar
Minsk, Bersona st., 14
Review We walk in Doodah constantly and every time the feeling that I came to visit old friends: a cozy atmosphere, everyone is very friendly, cool music and food. Just what is so lacking in the daily routine. I liked it very much that they are no longer allowed to smoke. Thanks a lot to the administrator and the waiters!
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 58
Review We went to Dozari with friends, to be honest, the situation begins to be better, remembering our trips last year, we concluded that the club seemed to “come back” is very nice! Special thanks to the guards who helped find the phone.
Minsk, Y. Kupaly st., 25
Karaoke club
Minsk, V. Khoruzhey st., 1a
Review We are in the club right now, it's hard to call it karaoke. Leading no, the breaks between songs are big, until you wait for your turn, morning will come. Prices compared to other clubs are high. Unfortunately, in other clubs the places were occupied, so you had to come here, it was free here. If you wanted to sing, then this club is not for you, because at night, at best, you will have time to sing 3-4 songs.
Minsk, Zybitskaya st., 9
Review Good day. I was lucky to visit this place. Great and cozy place. Timely service, staff polite and attentive. Recommend. Separately, I would like to thank Tatyana. I would also like to mention the girl Mila, your dance was stunning, the emotions are the brightest. Stay the same fun, sweet and positive, whatever happens. You are the most vivid impression this evening.
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Restaurant Club
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 62/3
Review Good establishment, excellent cuisine, great waiters and waitresses. I liked everything, it's a pity that there are only a few people, apparently due to the lack of advertising as such.
Minsk, Oktyabrskaya st., 19
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 31
Review Were with friends on the weekend. Loved it. Nice prices, quiet and comfortable.
Karaoke club
Minsk, Zagorodnyy 1st line, 20
Review The impression is terrible! We decided to mark the birthday here, ordered a table in advance and food at 23.00, guests came to the end, did not give a hot offer and argued that we didn’t order anything, the service is terrible, the waitress did not differ in courtesy, brought food only at 1.40 and the microphones did not work. P.S. Thanks for the spoiled holiday. Never in my life will we return.
Minsk, Olshevskogo st., 10
Review Cool. Loved the atmosphere. We got with friends, in my opinion, on one of the best cover bends in the republic: danced, sang a lot. I like the interior. Delicious cuisine. It was before this half a year ago, so this time I was surprised at the presence of a hookah, I, as an amateur, could not refuse at the level. Thank you guys for a nice evening.
Minsk, Dombrovskaya st., 9
Minsk, Masherova av., 25
Review Live music class !! Karaoke moves very slowly !! Breaks between songs 15 minutes !!!
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Cafe club
Minsk, Kulman st., 3
Review I liked everything, the staff was cheerful and energizing, the lead fellow was all fun, the cocktails were delicious, the fire served the drinks, in general, we liked everything more than once.
Strip club
Minsk, Pushkina av., 39
Review It was the first time! Stayed impressed with the original establishment! Everything was gorgeous) Good atmosphere, music, the girls are very beautiful! I will try to go to you! Thank you for a good rest!
Strip club
Minsk, Surganova st., 58
Review My brother and I were in this club for the first time, absolutely everything was to my liking, from the atmosphere with the music to the gorgeous girls. Great place to have a good time. Special thanks to Foxy and Victoria - you were superb! I advise everyone to go there - you will not regret.
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A banquet restaurant in the trading-entertaining complex «Titan» in Malinovka with a separate entrance and a glass roof
Minsk, Dzerzhinskogo av., 104
Review Very good institution, great service and delicious food)
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