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Cafe club
Minsk, Kulman st., 3
Review I liked everything, the staff was cheerful and energizing, the lead fellow was all fun, the cocktails were delicious, the fire served the drinks, in general, we liked everything more than once.
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Karaoke bar with the loft style interior, terrace and lounge room for 15 people
Minsk, B.Khmelnitskogo st., 10a
Review Once again, Plan B approved my preferences. Yesterday I and my friends had a great time, drank a barrel of rum), we sang a lot of songs, some of us did not even expect that we would be able to). Many thanks to the singers! The girl was very reminiscent of Adele). We were welcomed by the absolutely adorable waitress whose name, unfortunately, I could not read because of poor eyesight, and a very attentive manager. Plan B, you’ll always keep the standards high!
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Restaurant Club
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 62/3
Review Good establishment, excellent cuisine, great waiters and waitresses. I liked everything, it's a pity that there are only a few people, apparently due to the lack of advertising as such.
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There are friendly staff, author cuisine, unique cocktails, hot dances and parties
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 9/10
Review Great, great place !! They came with friends to celebrate the birthday, I liked everything very much! Special thanks for the live music and the host !!! Great, guys are great! I advise everyone to this place. It will be hot!
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A banquet restaurant in the trading-entertaining complex «Titan» in Malinovka with a separate entrance and a glass roof
Minsk, Dzerzhinskogo av., 104
Review Very good institution, great service and delicious food)
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The perfect place to have fun and chill out
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117a
Review My husband and I often go to this bar. Everything is great. The bartenders are wonderful smiling boys. Service is good. The food is delicious. Everything is always good and fun. I like it very much.
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American bar
Minsk, Bersona st., 14
Review We walk in Doodah constantly and every time the feeling that I came to visit old friends: a cozy atmosphere, everyone is very friendly, cool music and food. Just what is so lacking in the daily routine. I liked it very much that they are no longer allowed to smoke. Thanks a lot to the administrator and the waiters!
Night club
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 73
Review Hello. a few days ago you had a chance to visit your club. many scold security officers - in vain, the work of security on a 10-point scale 10. You can not say about the DJ of this club. monophonic music. Your club is visited by people of different ages and everyone has their own musical taste. so maybe in the future you will pay attention not only to the younger generation, but also to older people. I would really like to) But in general, the program is not bad.
Karaoke club
Minsk, Slobodskaya st., 27
Review Wonderful place! Great location, ample parking. The staff is great! Fast service and sooooo delicious food!
Minsk, Kirova st., 13
Review Nightmare. The security on the first floor is rude ignoramus! This attitude to yourself has never met. As for the catering on the ground floor, I can not say anything positive. For a very long time I tried to catch a waiter in order to ask for a menu. And then the rest of the time before leaving this place was waiting for the waiter to make an order. I can’t say anything bad about music. Better than in some clubs in Minsk.
Minsk, Kulman st., 3
Review We celebrated my birthday in your place, I want to say thank you very much, everything was top notch, the music is the best, the food is excellent, the staff is just super, thanks to the host and the waiter!) Let's go back more than once!)
Karaoke club
Minsk, Masherova av., 11
Review One of the best karaoke clubs in Minsk. Excellent staff that creates a festive atmosphere. Many thanks to the hosts, backing singers, waiters, bartenders, administration and security for this. Be sure to visit this institution and you will not regret it. I will definitely take a look at this holiday to perform a couple of songs.
Cafe Club
Minsk, P. Brovki st., 22
Review Wonderful kitchen! The Waldorf salad has now become my favorite! And tuna - just yum!
Night club
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 62
Review 1. Old room. The 21st century, and taking into account which guests sometimes perform, it would be possible to at least minimally put the building in order. The prices in the bar do not correspond to reality and the level offered by the club.3. No organization. Hour stand in line on the street in the cold, to get into the building.4. Paid wardrobe? Are you seriously? The first time faced this. At first, it is necessary to stand for an unknown amount, in order to hand over outer clothing, the attendants tupit, confuse outer clothing, but on the other hand, they even charged a terminal! Do not disgrace, and include this unfortunate ruble for rent.
Night club
Minsk, V. Khoruzhey st., 29
Review Allways very good .Im happy when i visit that płace.Thx
Minsk, Y. Kolasa st., 37
Review Got out with friends and just had a great time! Good staff who is able to find the approach to any guest!) Thank you so much! I recommend everyone!))
Restaurant Club
Minsk, Partizanskiy av., 130
Review This establishment is a complete nightmare! The lowest level! Service does not describe in one review! Slow, boorish and scornful! Kitchen - back in the USSR! WI-FI is written on all windows and doors of this institution! Where? He's not there! Why misleading? But what's going on after 22.00 (!!!) - some kind of orgy! The level of clients of this institution is not described! I didn’t even think that such a thing still exists in Minsk! Yesterday we got there absolutely by accident and concluded - how embarrassing that in our country there is still such! God forbid to get there to the person who has arrived! (I’m definitely not going to recommend this to my friends from Belarus). She left her phone number in the book of sentences. I can tell you in more detail if the owners are interested. But I can say one thing: I wish prosperity to my country and therefore, this type of institution should not be with us!
Karaoke club
Minsk, Surganova st., 61
Review Long chose where to go and knowingly chose the status! Incredibly emotional atmosphere !!! The presenter is simply mega cool, great administrators and waiter Vladimir made our evening !!! Even those who can't sing, sing along and are not that scary))) In general, the first time and the best impressions from the institution ❤️
Minsk, Revolyutsionnaya st., 9
Review Super! Perfect place! Great music, friendly and attentive staff. Definitely recommend!
Minsk, Matusevicha st., 33
Review A cozy bar with a good program on weekends. But the biggest advantage is the staff. Always greeted with a smile, I come as a visit to friends. Thanks to the waiters Catherine and Denis for the positive.
Minsk, Surganova st., 61
Review Very cozy place) delicious food, relaxing atmosphere, friendly staff) special thanks to the chef for the great Fondant!
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 58
Review Was this Saturday at a party. Very pleased with the system all inclusive. You can just relax and have fun. Also nice girls in the hall. Create the right atmosphere. Thanks to the club for a bright night!
Strip club
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 49
Entry cost: 50 byn
Review I visited many nightclubs of the city of Minsk and other countries of our country and I can say one thing: this club has no analogues in all of Belarus, the atmosphere, music, service and, of course, girls, everything is at the highest level.
Minsk, Olshevskogo st., 10
Review Cool. Loved the atmosphere. We got with friends, in my opinion, on one of the best cover bends in the republic: danced, sang a lot. I like the interior. Delicious cuisine. It was before this half a year ago, so this time I was surprised at the presence of a hookah, I, as an amateur, could not refuse at the level. Thank you guys for a nice evening.
Strip club
Minsk, Pushkina av., 39
Review It was the first time! Stayed impressed with the original establishment! Everything was gorgeous) Good atmosphere, music, the girls are very beautiful! I will try to go to you! Thank you for a good rest!
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