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Beer restaurant
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 65till 01:00
Braslav Carp with Potatoes and Zucchini
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A beer restaurant with a unique range of drinks, varied cuisine and a cozy interior
Review. Today we visited this pub with the guys. Very satisfied with the quality of service, delicious food and atmosphere. Steaks, ribs, appetizers are all very tasty! Thank you very much!
Reserve4 reviews
German beer cellar
Minsk, Voyskovoy lane, 12till 02:00
Carp Sausage (200 g)
14 rub.
A german beer cellar with an authentic atmosphere, excellent malt beverages and hearty German cuisine
Review. Very nice place. Imported beer, friendly staff, good menu selection.
Irish Pub
Minsk, Gikalo st., 5till 04:00
Carp with New Potatoes, Dill, Sour Cream Sauce, and Green Onion (500 g)
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The Irish pub with burgers and steaks, sports broadcasts, and loud music
Review. Were in the pub today, everything was very tasty, pleasant atmosphere, I liked everything, very good service, special thanks to the waiter Arseny !! Everything was fast, and the place was pleasantly surprised.
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Minsk, K. Marx str., 40till 23:00
Fried carp with potatoes (170/200/30/6 г)
22 rub.
Belarusian and Litvin cuisine respecting recipes in the downtown
Review. A cozy place with stylish decor, delicious food, and nice friendly staff! Whenever possible, we’ll come here again more than once!
Restaurant Bistro
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 49till 23:00
Fried Carp (100 g)
3,51 rub.
Review. It's unusual, as if the parents had been at dinner, everything was homemade and tasty.
The restaurant of new national cuisine
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 119till 23:00
Carp with Shrimps Sauce (200/135/60/28 g)
22 rub.
The restaurant of traditional Belarusian cuisine with an author's presentation of dishes and medieval interior
Review. Have you been with friends! I really liked the restaurant, well, what a delicious food, cozy atmosphere and level of service, special thanks to the administrator Yulia! My friends and I were very pleased!
Minsk, Chervyakova, 23till 23:00
Carp (350/200/70/2 g)
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Review. The second time in Minsk, we have a rest, we try the menu in various restaurants, because today we did not manage to have a normal dinner, we went to this place. Number 1 remains for us. Great food, super service, fast, everything is served hot, very tasty. Fresh staff, instant service! Respect this institution!
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Minsk, Gazety Pravda ave., 20till 00:00
Carp (1000/185 g)
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Stylized tavern with daily music programs at Gazety Pravda Avenue
Review. Cheerful atmosphere, good food. And most of all I was surprised by the local photographer: the pictures came out great, all the guests got their beautiful portraits)).
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Minsk, P. Glebki st., 5till 23:00
Carp "Braslavsky"
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Review. Beautiful place. Excellent food, good service. Very tasty and reasonable prices. When we come to Minsk we always go to Vasilki.
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