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Minsk, Tolbukhina, 2from 12:00
Potato pancakes with chicken fillet, baked with Cheddar cheese (200/100 g)
15 rub.
Potato pancakes with marinated salmon and poached egg (200/60/40/50 g)
17 rub.
Potato pancakes with oyster mushrooms (200/150 g)
15 rub.
Great service, beautifully prepared food and cozy atmosphere are enough to keep you coming back here again and again
Review. In the Angels is not the first time. I love this place - beautiful, tasty, have a good time.
Minsk, Surganova st., 41from 11:00
Roasted Potatoes with Garlic Butter (150 g)
1,60 rub.
Potato Wedges with Marjoram (150 g)
1,60 rub.
Country Dranik with Meat (180 g)
2,50 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, simple and delicious food, affordable prices and a playroom for children
Review. It's a very cool place where you can eat and eat in a reasonable amount of money. Pilaf, salads, cutlets, kebabs, meat, fish, garnishes and much more. The main thing is that everything is ready, take it and eat it. It is also one of the few places in Minsk that is friendly to people with disabilities. People with children are also very comfortable here
Minsk, Independence ave., 78from 11:00
A Tower of Draniki (300/100/10 g)
11 rub.
Draniki with Salmon (150/50/20 g)
11 rub.
Zharenka with Draniki (150/30/150/2 g)
13 rub.
Potatoes with Chanterelle mushrooms (150/50/2 g)
5,50 rub.
Bulba Burger City (450 g)
14 rub.
Cafe-bar with a cozy and warm atmosphere and a wide choice of dishes for the whole family at reasonable prices
Review. Great beef steak at a reasonable price too. You should come again only for one that reason. Plus my wife liked the salad "Gribnoe lukoshko" and the mussels. And I am 100 per cent agree about the salad.
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117afrom 12:00
Potato Cutlets with Cabbage and Mushroom Sauce (265/135/10 g)
8 rub.
Potato Balls (Kletski) with Brisket (310 g)
8 rub.
Mashed Potato Pancakes (Deruny) with Pork (140/220 g)
10 rub.
The perfect place to have fun and chill out
Review. On Friday, September 28, I visited your bar Coyote with friends. We always go here. Barman did not let us down with men's cocktails, thank you !!! There are always a lot of beautiful girls and very atmospheric! I was also surprised by the band headed by a charismatic brunette !!!! I wanted to look and listen !!! It was cool. Thank)
Minsk, Melezha st., 5/1from 10:00
Draniki with Sour Cream
8 rub.
Draniki with Brisket and Onions
12 rub.
Draniki with Chicken and Mushroom
12 rub.
Juicy Cuban cuisine, rich rum flavor, subtle aroma of quality cigars, atmospheric music, impeccable service
Review. The bar is just great !! Nice and cozy atmosphere, great program on Friday !! Prices make me happy! Yesterday with my friends were very much !! We will definitely come again!
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 89from 11:00
Draniki with Salmon and Cottage Cheese (250 g)
13,90 rub.
Draniki with Beef Machanka (250 g)
10,90 rub.
Review. Awesome place! Exquisite cuisine! Celebrated birthday! Everyone is delighted! Administrator Olga took into account all our wishes! Thank you so much
Hookah lounge
Minsk, Yakuba Kolasa st., 42from 12:00
Draniki with pork (310/1 g)
13 rub.
Draniki with chicken and mushrooms (340/1 g)
13 rub.
Draniki with bacon (300/1 g)
13 rub.
The hookah lounge with a large hookah park, European cuisine and fine tea collection
Review. Beautiful and cozy place ) I constantly visit it with friends and advise everyone. Positive and helpful staff! I especially want to thank: The administration Daria who is always accepting and positive) The waiter Constantine is the man who will make your evening ! ;) Hookah master Nikita who will make the best hookah considering all wishes)
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117from 12:00
Belarusian Podzharka with Draniki (250/100/2 g)
11 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, delicious food and daily entertainment show programs
Review. Rested in the cafe "Komedia". In general, I liked everything very much, delicious food, beautiful interior, cheerful music, everything is festive and energetic. Came to 10 and left at 4 in the morning. They did not want to choose this particular cafe.
Minsk, Kalinovskogo st., 32from 12:00
"Bulbyanye prysmaki" (750/680 g)
18,50 rub.
Cafe-club located in the district "Zelenyj Lug" with a banquet room and large portions
Review. I want to note the wonderful singer Tatiana, who made our holiday unforgettable, full of positive emotions. This girl will bring your institution good luck and many grateful visitors.
Country cafe
Minsk region, Borovlyany24/7
Bulbyaniki (360/50 g)
9,90 rub.
Country Dranik (250/40/40/50/3 g)
12,90 rub.
Potato Babka with bacon and mushrooms (450/50/3 g)
13,50 rub.
Dranik with pork and mushrooms (250/50/50/3 g)
12,40 rub.
A country cafe in Borovlyany with a decent selection of BBQ, beer hall and hookah room
Review. Celebrated the birthday of a friend. The kitchen is just amazing! In short: a pleasant, soothing atmosphere, where you can spend a lot of time unnoticed, a good menu selection, very responsive and unobtrusive staff, (the waiter Daria is just super !!!!) The most positive impressions about the restaurant. Recommend.
Café, bar, karaoke
Minsk, B.Khmelnitskogo st., 10afrom 12:00
Kolduny with meat (290/1 g)
11 rub.
Draniki with mushroom sauce (150/80/20 g)
9 rub.
Karaoke bar with the loft style interior, terrace and lounge room for 15 people
Review. We celebrated the birthday here. I liked everything - music, interior design, service, food. Everything was of top quality and at reasonable prices. Many thanks to Evgeniy for the excellent hookah and cheerful mood. We’ll definitely come here again.
Minsk, Partizanskij ave., 67from 11:00
Draniki with Chicken and Mushrooms (150/150/40/1 g)
7 rub.
Draniki with Tongue and Bell Pepper (150/150/1 g)
10,50 rub.
Draniki with Bacon and Sour Cream Sauce (150/150/10/1 g)
7 rub.
Modern cafe with live music and windows overlooking Park in the Name of the 50th Anniversary of October waiting for you
Review. We ordered the catering to the daughter on a wedding, we were celebrating a holiday in the country! We loved it...the food was looking appetizing and the taste was great...Prime Catering was advised by friends....Thanks for your work)
Minsk, Zhilunovicha st., 11from 11:00
Draniki with Fried Mushrooms 150/110/3 g)
13 rub.
Review. I express my gratitude to the administrator Andrew. Very cute, polite young man. Great service. Cooks work professionally. The waiters are in their place. Very attentive to the guests. Also assisted in solving important issues. The hall is well decorated. We were very comfortable. 100 points to these guys!
Minsk, Gikalo st., 7from 12:00
Draniki with Mushroom Sauce and Smoked Ribs (390 g)
11,50 rub.
Potato Pancakes (Lokshiny) with Smoked Mackerel (270 g)
8,50 rub.
A restaurant with the concept of smoked, stewed and fried meat. Craft burgers, snacks, and more than 35 different beers!
Review. The food was excellent! The pork burger was absolutely amazing with great flavors and great ingredients. I highly recommended this place.
Minsk, Pobeditelej av., 23/1from 11:00
Draniki with Sour Cream (150/50 g)
3,20 rub.
Deruny with Shkvarki (150/100/60 п)
5,50 rub.
Sir’s Burger (250 g)
5,30 rub.
A place where the main traditions of Belarusian’s hospitality and generosity of soul are perfectly observed
Review. We celebrated New Year in this cafe. Interior, service, music, show program, host, menu - all this at a decent level. But there is one big disadvantage, that is the ventilation system. There were a lot of people and everyone was suffering from the heat!!! Dear administration, solve this issue ASAP and then your cafe will not have any downsides!
Minsk, Melezha st., 1from 11:00
Draniki with Mushrooms (165/110/1.5 g)
9,80 rub.
A network of stylish pizze
Review. We were here today and celebrated 8th day of March. Everything was very pleasant, cozy interior, excellent service, delicious food!!!! I especially want to mention your waiter - Roma!!!! Roma, you are the best waiter we have ever met! Thank you for this service, everything was awesome!!! We highly recommend this place!!!
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 130from 11:00
Draniki with Chicken and Vegetables (450 g)
12 rub.
Draniki with Pork and Brisket (450 g)
14 rub.
Draniki with Sour Cream (250/50 g)
10 rub.
Carp with Draniki and Horseradish (450 g)
13 rub.
Review. Price-quality is good. Very convenient location) Came to the broadcast of a football match were all pleased. They even made a reserve for the next matches)
Minsk, Russiyanova st., 4from 11:00
Draniki with Sour Cream (240/50 g)
3,90 rub.
In the cafe, which is located in Uruche, you can taste Zharenka, Kolduny, and Draniki with Machanka
Restaurant Club
Minsk, Filimonova st., 24from 13:00
Homemade Draniki with Wild Mushrooms (120/50/50/10 g)
33 rub.
A restaurant created for people with a sophisticated taste. Whatever you try, you choose premium quality dishes.
Minsk, Surganova st., 6from 11:30
Kolduny with Meat (250/50 g)
4 rub.
Homemade Chicken Sausage with Mushroom Sauce and Draniki (100/50/150 g)
3,80 rub.
A cozy cafe for family celebrations and corporate events
Review. Hello! I went to my sister's wedding in a beautiful place. There is an excellent service, I would like to thank Tatiana and Dmitry. They are very attentive, correct and polite! We were offered wonderful dishes, which was very tasty. Thank you so much again for the perfect service!)
Minsk, Miroshnichenko st., 1afrom 12:00
Zeppelins with Meat and Sour Cream Sauce (300/60/60/2 g)
12,50 rub.
Bulba Burger (400/30/5 g)
10,90 rub.
Fried with Chanterelles and Onions Potatoes (200 g)
5 rub.
A beer restaurant located near Cnianskoe reservoir
Review. In general, the impression of a visit remained very positive. Kitchen, interior liked. Although not all tables are lit enough. The service is good, but a little long serving serve a long wait for the waiter in sight to make an additional order. It turns out there was a 15% discount for the birthday, and we didn’t take a document confirming this fact. But even without a discount, the prices are quite reasonable.
Minsk, Frantsysk Skaryna st., 1from 12:00
Swiss Draniki (300/10 g
12 rub.
European modern, steaks on the red-hot marble, and DJ floor, not far from the National Library
Review. I do not know the names of top end restaurants where eat the last few reviewers, but my family visited this restaurant for the first time to celebrate a birthday party. It has a beautiful interior, nice staff, and cozy atmosphere. We ordered different dishes. BBQ ribs impressed me so much; I had such pleasure from the same dish only at the best restaurant in Warsaw. This is the first place in Minsk that could surprise me. Wonderful potato pancakes and pies. Meat and fish steaks ordered by the parents were absolutely delicious and had the required degree of doneness. Fantastic wine menu! And special thanks to the waiters. The service was subtle, but we never experienced lack of attention. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant. I already added it to the list of favorite venues and plan to come back with friends in the near future.
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