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Potato dishes


Nothing was found in Zaslavly. Try to find it 10-km nearby.

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Minsk region, Ratomka, st. Novaya, 20Afrom 12:00
Peasant Machanka (350 g)
Цена по запросу
Potato Platter (400/30/30/30 g)
Цена по запросу
A cozy country restaurant, surrounded by dense forest with clean air.
Review. We thank the whole team for the excellent organization of the New Year evening, and we are very grateful to the support staff !!! Everything was up to par, homely and very tasty !!! Thanks you!!! Our holiday was a success!
Minsk region, Zhdanovichi, Zvezdnaya st., 19afrom 12:00
Panskij Dranik with Meat (200/60/2 g)
14 rub.
Vegetable Rösti with Salmon and Tartar sauce (120/50/40/5 g)
14 rub.
The restaurant with European author cuisine, original serving of lunches and its own art gallery
Review. I rarely write reviews. Yesterday we visited a wonderful restaurant not for the first time, and I decided here to confess my best feelings to this place. The interior is thought out to the details. Cozy, stylish, beautiful, expensive, but without pathos. Everything is very organic. Service is always good. The first time when we arrived the administrator told about the restaurant, its owner, took us to see the pictures in the room. Everything we ate there, we are very set.We always take something new, because it is impossible to miscalculate. The serving dishes are beautiful. I like the tradition of serving water and buns with butter right away. Moreover, it is very tasty buns and butter with herbs. We visited with the child. There is a children's menu. There are child seats. Well, a small area with pencils for children. In general, as for me, there is everything to have a great time. Highly recommend!!!
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