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Country restaurant
Dzerzhinskiy region, Stankovo villagefrom 12:00
Potato Babka with Pork and Shkvarki (230 g)
12 rub.
Draniki with Mushroom Machanka (200 g)
7,50 rub.
Belarusian Kolduny (1/200 g)
12 rub.
Pork "Po-barski" on Draniki (100/150 g)
16 rub.
Taukenya (150 g)
5 rub.
A country restaurant
Review. Good day! We celebrated the anniversary of April 29. We had a rest in this place not the first time, and as always everything was great! Starting from a beautiful table setting and ending with delicious dishes - one thanks! Many thanks to the administrator Elena and the whole team for a great evening, which we will remember for a long time. Thank!
The park-museum of interactive history
Minskaya o, Litvensky Region, Sula village, 14Day Off
Draniki with Sour Cream (240/50/50 g)
10 rub.
Potato Sausage "Vedarai" (250/50/35 g)
12 rub.
The Park-museum located in 49 km from Minsk with mini-hotels in the style of manor houses of the XVIII century
Review. This is a great place for rest with children, there is something to do for them and you can have fun too. There are beautiful views and atmosphere, friendly staff. Thanks a million.
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