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Manor house
Minsk, village Sosenka, st. Zarechnaya, 2724/7
Sausages “Grandmother's Treat” with Stewed Cabbage (1.500/500 g)
50 rub.
A manor house which is located near Minsk with a cozy atmosphere, picturesque nature, quality service and nutrition
Review. Loved the complex! The time has passed, we will come again! Particularly pleased with the quality of the furniture, and beautiful interior. Large territory. There is where to walk and adults, and children. Conveniently near the reservoir. In the summer we will go with bathing accessories. Thanks for the welcome!
Minsk, Melezha st., 5/1till 23:00
Goose Leg with Fried Sauerkraut (280 g)
18 rub.
Juicy Cuban cuisine, rich rum flavor, subtle aroma of quality cigars, atmospheric music, impeccable service
Review. Everything's OK! The bar is great! The decor and music have pleased! Cocktails are very tasty. The menu also has no questions. Special thanks and greetings to Nastya!))
American bar
Minsk, Bersona st., 14till 05:00
Bigos (350/120/40 g)
10 rub.
Review. All liked it!!! The interior is interesting, unobtrusive, the kitchen is excellent, live music and prices are very loyal! Great place for chit-chatting with friends !!!
Minsk, Kozlova st., 2till 23:00
Krakow-Style Bigos (300 g)
4,50 rub.
Spain-Style Flasks with Potatoes and Sauerkraut (200\100\50 g)
5 rub.
A cafe with a wide range of dishes of national Belarusian cuisine. A huge selection of draniki with various fillings.
Review. What a wonderful place! The choice of pancakes is large and unusual! I took the sorcerers with cabbage - a delicious dish! The atmosphere is pleasant, I did not want to leave, I will come to you. Thanks for such delicious sorcerers, I have never seen anything like this anywhere.
Restaurant and Brewery
Minsk, Kulman st., 40till 02:00
Bigos with game (250/160/40/80/80/50/30 g)
25 rub.
Restaurant and brewery in a two-level separate building with beergarden, stage and dance floor
Review. Chic kitchen, great beer, nice staff. Everywhere is very clean. The best place to meet friends, colleagues and partners for informal communication. Over the years, the place only gets better. A separate respect for the children's slide, it's nice that you care about your little guests.
Minsk, Minsk, Zybickaya st., 9till 00:00
Turkey Sausages with Stewed Cabbage and Apples (160/200 g)
17 rub.
Review. We go from the moment of opening, we are not going to stop. For all this time we have been everywhere, there is no better place in the city. If friends and relatives come from other countries, we bring here. The bar that hasn’t gone bad or lost its style since its opening. From the menu you can order any dish - it will be on top. At the reception, guys who masterfully make you any drink and recommend it to your taste, but this is not the most important thing, the guys are just very cool and sociable) We love you very much and your guests forever)
Kids & Family Friendly Cafe
Minsk, Frunze st., 2Atill 22:00
Belarusian Burger "Present with Bigos" (112 g)
2,90 rub.
Bigos (350 g)
6,50 rub.
Kids & family friendly cafe with various thematic events and home-cooked food in the format of fast food
Review. Were in the cafe for the first time, the impressions are very positive, quickly tasty and kindly! Very comfortable with the kids and very spacious. Prices are adequate. Be sure to visit more than once.
Minsk, Tolstogo st., 10till 00:00
Bigos (350/100 g)
12 rub.
Beer restaurant near the city center with delicious dishes, fresh draft beer and cozy atmosphere
Review. I'm a guest in Minsk. We went with my wife to a beer restaurant. The Xmel. There is really cool kitchen. A steak was amazing. The portions were large. The salads were very good. The waiters are friendly. The decor is great. All those who go to Minsk I advise you to visit this place. And it's walking distance from the station.
Y. Kupaly st., 21till 00:00
Stew сabbage with pork ribs (1/200/75 g)
11 rub.
A place for those who like to spend time, sometimes by immersing yourselves in the atmosphere of the past
Review. Yesterday I with my friends visited the cafe. We loved the kitchen and the staff.
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 19till 23:00
Duck with bigos (2 pcs./283 g)
29 rub.
Cozy cafe with authentic atmosphere, where you can taste traditional and original dishes of Belarusian cuisine
Review. Today I discovered a restaurant of Belarusian national cuisine! Pleasantly surprised by the variety of historical dishes, their competent interpretation, home cooking, but especially pleasantly touched by the service of Nikita, his reverent care, sincere attention, delicate and deeply respectful treatment of elderly ladies. And what is extremely important is how much the young man values ​​the name and prestige of the institution where he works. How I would like this attitude everywhere in our country.
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