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    Minsk, Tolbukhina, 2till 05:00
    Solyanka (322/50 g)
    9 rub.
    Cream of Mushroom Soup (315 g)
    8 rub.
    Potato pancakes with chicken fillet, baked with Cheddar cheese (200/100 g)
    15 rub.
    Potato pancakes with marinated salmon and poached egg (200/60/40/50 g)
    17 rub.
    Potato pancakes with oyster mushrooms (200/150 g)
    15 rub.
    Great service, beautifully prepared food and cozy atmosphere are enough to keep you coming back here again and again
    Review. In the Angels is not the first time. I love this place - beautiful, tasty, have a good time.
    Minsk, Surganova st., 41till 23:00
    Homemade Borscht (250 g)
    2 rub.
    Cabbage Salad with Carrots (100 g)
    1,60 rub.
    Salted Pork Brisket (1000 g)
    20 rub.
    Homemade Salted Pork Tenderloin (1000 g)
    35 rub.
    Roasted Potatoes with Garlic Butter (150 g)
    1,60 rub.
    Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, simple and delicious food, affordable prices and a playroom for children
    Review. I have had lunch here many times already. I rejoice everything: pretty modern interior, variety of dishes, prices and service. There are many people at lunchtime, so you should wait. But this fact confirms that people like this place and want to come here again and again.
    Minsk, Independence ave., 78till 01:00
    A Tower of Draniki (300/100/10 g)
    Цена по запросу
    Draniki with Salmon (150/50/20 g)
    Цена по запросу
    Zharenka with Draniki (150/30/150/2 g)
    Цена по запросу
    Potatoes with Chanterelle mushrooms (150/50/2 g)
    Цена по запросу
    Bulba Burger City (450 g)
    Цена по запросу
    Cafe-bar with a cozy and warm atmosphere and a wide choice of dishes for the whole family at reasonable prices
    Review. Great beef steak at a reasonable price too. You should come again only for one that reason. Plus my wife liked the salad "Gribnoe lukoshko" and the mussels. And I am 100 per cent agree about the salad.
    Reserve1 review
    Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117atill 05:00
    Pearl Barley Soup with Porcini Mushrooms (300/31 g)
    3,50 rub.
    Appetizer with Homemade Chicken Pate (130/50/30/90/10 g)
    11 rub.
    Meat Plate (340/50/15/15/5 g)
    18 rub.
    Salad with Beef Tongue (333 g)
    13 rub.
    Meat Salad (170/60/50/10 g)
    15 rub.
    The perfect place to have fun and chill out
    Review. On Friday, September 28, I visited your bar Coyote with friends. We always go here. Barman did not let us down with men's cocktails, thank you !!! There are always a lot of beautiful girls and very atmospheric! I was also surprised by the band headed by a charismatic brunette !!!! I wanted to look and listen !!! It was cool. Thank)
    Minsk, Melezha st., 5/1till 23:00
    Old Belarusian Soup with Mushrooms (300 g)
    10 rub.
    Goose Leg with Fried Sauerkraut (280 g)
    18 rub.
    Home-Salted Salo (220 g)
    14 rub.
    Draniki with Sour Cream
    8 rub.
    Draniki with Brisket and Onions
    12 rub.
    Juicy Cuban cuisine, rich rum flavor, subtle aroma of quality cigars, atmospheric music, impeccable service
    Review. Everything's OK! The bar is great! The decor and music have pleased! Cocktails are very tasty. The menu also has no questions. Special thanks and greetings to Nastya!))
    Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 89till 23:00
    Cold Borscht with Potato Wedges (200/20/20/100 g)
    6,90 rub.
    Bulgur Wheat with Stewed Duck and White Mushrooms in Hot Pot (250 g)
    19,50 rub.
    Draniki with Salmon and Cottage Cheese (250 g)
    13,90 rub.
    Draniki with Beef Machanka (250 g)
    10,90 rub.
    Beef Rib with Honey Ginger Sauce (680 g)
    24,50 rub.
    Review. Kitchen, interior, music - the best in Minsk.
    Raubicy village, Yantarnaya st., 2till 00:00
    Olivier salad with duck, red caviar and crayfish (260 g)
    18 rub.
    Jellied meat (Kholodets) with fried potatoes and lightly salted cucumber (200/150/120 g)
    21 rub.
    Duck leg with sauce of "baked apples" and crushed potatoes with cranberries (170/150/40 g)
    26 rub.
    Nobiliary dumplings with homemade truffle paste (300/2 g)
    18 rub.
    Vareniki with berries with poppy sauce (old Slavonic recipe) (150/20 g)
    12 rub.
    The restaurant, which is filled with home comfort and warmth for everyone
    Review. Nice and cozy place, like to be here with your family.
    Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117till 05:00
    Zhur with Meat (250/30/1 g)
    5,50 rub.
    Salad "Zhuraviny" (190/15/5 g)
    10 rub.
    Belarusian Stuffed Pork with Potato Wedges (150/150/30/14 g)
    10,50 rub.
    Belarusian Podzharka with Draniki (250/100/2 g)
    11 rub.
    Old Slavic Machanka (150/100/125 g)
    11,50 rub.
    Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, delicious food and daily entertainment show programs
    Review. Rested in the cafe "Komedia". In general, I liked everything very much, delicious food, beautiful interior, cheerful music, everything is festive and energetic. Came to 10 and left at 4 in the morning. They did not want to choose this particular cafe.
    Minsk, Kalinovskogo st., 32till 02:00
    Summer Okroshka (250/100 g)
    7 rub.
    Salad "Assorti" (200/10 g)
    8,50 rub.
    Pickles (430/30/2/2 g)
    14,50 rub.
    Man appetizer for three (2.200 g)
    55 rub.
    "Bulbyanye prysmaki" (750/680 g)
    18,50 rub.
    Cafe-club located in the district "Zelenyj Lug" with a banquet room and large portions
    Review. I want to note the wonderful singer Tatiana, who made our holiday unforgettable, full of positive emotions. This girl will bring your institution good luck and many grateful visitors.
    Country cafe
    Minsk region, Borovlyany24/7
    5,80 rub.
    Salad "Radzіvіlauskі" (230 g)
    8,90 rub.
    Potato Salad with Herring (230 g)
    9,10 rub.
    Salad "Paparat Kvetka" (230 g)
    9 rub.
    Belarusian Pelmeni (200/50/20/5 g)
    9,80 rub.
    A country cafe in Borovlyany with a decent selection of BBQ, beer hall and hookah room
    Review. Celebrated the birthday of a friend. The kitchen is just amazing! In short: a pleasant, soothing atmosphere, where you can spend a lot of time unnoticed, a good menu selection, very responsive and unobtrusive staff, (the waiter Daria is just super !!!!) The most positive impressions about the restaurant. Recommend.
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