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    Raubicy village, Yantarnaya st., 2from 12:00
    Olivier salad with duck, red caviar and crayfish (260 g)
    18 rub.
    Jellied meat (Kholodets) with fried potatoes and lightly salted cucumber (200/150/120 g)
    21 rub.
    Duck leg with sauce of "baked apples" and crushed potatoes with cranberries (170/150/40 g)
    26 rub.
    Nobiliary dumplings with homemade truffle paste (300/2 g)
    18 rub.
    Vareniki with berries with poppy sauce (old Slavonic recipe) (150/20 g)
    12 rub.
    The restaurant, which is filled with home comfort and warmth for everyone
    Review. Nice and cozy place, like to be here with your family.
    Mogilev, Leninskaya st., 85till 23:00
    Cold Borscht (275/25 g)
    1,90 rub.
    Pancake "Bags" with Сhicken and Mushrooms (210 g)
    4,88 rub.
    Belarusian Zharenka (100 g)
    4,54 rub.
    Homemade Sausage Stew (370 g)
    6,98 rub.
    Potato Draniki with Machanka (391 g)
    8,98 rub.
    Review. We often visit the Hop cafe and always have good impressions. Delicious cuisine, reasonable prices, excellent service, nice interior. So keep. One of the favorite institutions of the city.
    Manor house
    Logoiski d., Chudenichi v., Lesnaya st., 2а24/7
    "Home-Cooked Food" (240 g)
    15,70 rub.
    Belarusian salad (200 g)
    11,50 rub.
    Beef Cheeks (150/50 g)
    15 rub.
    Pike Perch Fillet with Duxelles (150/50 g)
    18,80 rub.
    A manor house in classic European style with a large banquet hall, accommodation and landscaped grounds
    Review. The wedding of my daughter was held at the Royal Hall on August 5, 2018. The venue was ideally suited for white classics, in which the wedding was originally planned. I want to thank all the staff of the estate. Everything was up to the mark - pre-wedding storage of beverages and products, waiter service at the buffet and during the banquet, helpful staff, timely cleaning of the site from confetti, everywhere is clean, stylish, beautiful. The next day, all the remnants of products and alcohol were carefully packed and returned. Thank you all!
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