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Minsk, Karbysheva st., 25
Review I'm with my girlfriend decided to have a good rest. The choice fell on the restaurant "Agat". Lucky to get to the live music. Well rested and natantsevalis. Ordered corporate salad "Agate" and lasagna po- Belarusian (interesting solution of potato pancakes). Thank you for a great evening. We will return.
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Great service, beautifully prepared food and cozy atmosphere are enough to keep you coming back here again and again
Minsk, Tolbukhina, 2
Review In the Angels is not the first time. I love this place - beautiful, tasty, have a good time.
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Karaoke with two halls, a modern space for a relaxed rest, entertainment program and DJs
Minsk, Tolbuhina, 2
Review Hi there, Just want to say I recommend!!! I had a positive impression after spending time in the cafe. The interior is interesting, the hall is clean. The staff was attentive, friendly and prudent. And most importantly, they weren't unobtrusive xD
Minsk, Platonova st., 20b/1
Review Very tasty sea buckthorn tea! Good service. Great experience from the place!
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Restaurant Brewery
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 143/1
Review Celebrated the birthday of my son, in Arbat restaurant. Everything was top notch.The most pleasant thing is that the restaurant has a children's room and in addition, the administration has provided a child seat. Our son, and he was still a year old, sat at the table with everyone like a real master. By serving everything is fine, the quality of food is also very good. Many of our guests did not even know that in Minsk there is such a restaurant where you can celebrate a holiday for adequate money. I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends, we will be there more than once.
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A cafe specializing in Azerbaijan, Georgian and Belarusian cuisine with live music in the evenings
Minsk, Angarskaya st., 34
Review Great food, large portions, great service. I liked it very much, I will definitely come again.
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Minsk, Gintovta st., 1
Review We love with his wife to visit this restaurant. The kitchen is on top. Sofas cozy. The only note is the cooking time. At a practically empty hall, a salad was brought yesterday after 30 minutes. And what will happen if the hall is full?
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Steak house
Minsk, P. Brovki st., 15
Review Good day to all! I'll start right away with the fact that I visited many establishments in Minsk, about 40 for sure! (there is something to compare). But Bison was surprised ... in a good way). I have never tasted such delicious steaks! Perfect steak! Delightful! Take friends and come to Buffalo! Well, the price))) is just a fairy tale. Bison is definitely in the list of my best places). There are no such steaks anywhere else!
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Club Restaurant
Minsk, Partizanskiy av., 2/1
Review Everything is just super, incendiary music, smart program, excellent patient staff, very comfortable and good!
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Club Restaurant
Minsk, Tolbukhina st., 14
Review It was a friend's birthday, yesterday visited the restaurant Cruise. In principle, I liked everything. The restaurant is designed for people who are over 40, young people will be bored. The kitchen is not bad, the waiters are very polite
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Country restaurant
Minsk region, Raubichi
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Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 89
Review Great place to brighten up the evening. Live classic music, amazing cuisine!
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The restaurant, which is filled with home comfort and warmth for everyone
Raubicy village, Yantarnaya st., 2
Review There must be and feel this moment. After the bustle of the city here is very nice and cozy. All staff is very polite and not intrusive. From salad to dessert, everything is superb and taste and serve.
Minsk, Petra Mstislavtsa st., 11
Review Приятное место, рекомендую. Были в субботу вечером и очень хотели бы поблагодарить официанта Никиту, несмотря на то, что было много людей, смог создать для нас уютную атмосферу. Еда на отличном уровне.
Beer restaurant
Minsk, Gikalo st., 5
Review Somehow by chance, after a working day in November, they dropped in on dinner at the Gvozd in Gikalo. Liked everything! And this turkey with spicy sauce, and this mushroom soup from wild mushrooms is just delicious! Suddenly, tasty and cozy. I liked the dishes so much that I write this review after a couple of months
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Minsk region, Lahojsk
Review From the wonderful restaurant I remember him, they made a restaurant with disgusting food and service. They ordered Belarusian soup, they brought them without a single piece of meat :) the waiter answered my amazement that this is such a recipe. Then there were pancakes :) Belarusian dish, which, I thought, could not be spoiled. Coffee is disgusting too. It seems that no one controls the work of the restaurant.
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The stylish cafe with a buffet in the district of Akademgorodok
Akademika Kuprevicha st., 3
Review Nice staff, modern interior, delicious coffee and fresh pastries. Cheap and tasty.
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Georgian Restaurant
Minsk, Petra Mstislavtsa st., 11
Review Hello! We went with friends to this restaurant, not the first time. I like the kitchen very much, it is very tasty, satisfying and inexpensive. Service is of a very high standard! Polite, friendly and attentive staff !!! We will definitely come back more than once !!!! Recommend!!!
Minsk region, Lesnoi
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Cafe-club located in the district "Zelenyj Lug" with a banquet room and large portions
Minsk, Kalinovskogo st., 32
Review I want to note the wonderful singer Tatiana, who made our holiday unforgettable, full of positive emotions. This girl will bring your institution good luck and many grateful visitors.
A new platform for connoisseurs of good cuisine and quality leisure
Minsk, Surganova st., 57b
Review Rested today in a hookah. The desserts I tried - very tasty hookahs too!Special thanks to our waitress the housing. It was fast and a lot of fun!
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MInsk, Svyazistov st., 4
Review Delicious food and wine, unobtrusive service, cozy place.
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Restaurant Club
Minsk, Y. Kolosa st., 37
Review 03/17/2017 Horrible bowling !! There is no light. Dark. Nothing is visible, at the request to add a little bit of coverage, failure !!! Birthday is ruined. Once again, a terrible bowling !!!! I do not advise. As the staff is rude, no tank and bowling !! I do not recommend this institution. 0 points.
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A multifunctional complex with a convenient location, stylish interior, European level of service and delicious cuisine
g.p. Smilovichi, Revolyutsionnaya st., 1B
Restaurant of Armenian cuisine
Minsk region, Raubichi
Review We drove into the Oasis in the autumn evening with our family. Very cozy, the fireplace, near which we settled, gave the atmosphere of our stay a special mood. Barbecue platter with vegetables and delicious khachapuri, salad, soup, everything is very tasty. I am writing and again I want a real Armenian barbecue! Administrator Marina, Elizabeth and Vladimir thank you! Quickly, harmoniously, on top.
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