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Kosher restaurant
Minsk, Melnikaite st., 3
Minsk, Karbysheva st., 25
Minsk, Voronyanskogo st., 12
Review Were with a small child. The music is soft, plays in the background, the kid has a place to run around, the decor is cozy, the staff is friendly, friendly, attentive, the food is delicious. We enjoyed it a lot by visiting this place). Thank.
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 65
Review Recommend! Interesting interior (mega-comfortable sofas in the smoking area), friendly service and most importantly - the kitchen. Thank you, fed tasty, satisfying and inexpensive.
Minsk, Tolbukhina, 2
Minsk, Smolyachkova st., 9
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 118
Review Absolutely accidentally brought fate to the restaurant of the hotel "Aqua-Minsk" on 10.02.2019. Wonderful comfortable and bright room, but most importantly, very attentive staff. Despite the fact that there were not many employees (an administrator and two waiters) and a group and four tables sat in the hall, we did not go unnoticed. The waiter immediately approached us, helped in the choice of dishes and after 15 minutes we were already eating salads. Thanks to the cooks for delicious dishes. We wish you continue to keep it up! Be sure to come here again and I will recommend to my friends.
Restaurant Brewery
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 143/1
Review Celebrated the birthday of my son, in Arbat restaurant. Everything was top notch.The most pleasant thing is that the restaurant has a children's room and in addition, the administration has provided a child seat. Our son, and he was still a year old, sat at the table with everyone like a real master. By serving everything is fine, the quality of food is also very good. Many of our guests did not even know that in Minsk there is such a restaurant where you can celebrate a holiday for adequate money. I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends, we will be there more than once.
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Combination of the art space and café with author's cuisine
Minsk, Minsk, pr. Nezavisimosti, 58/1
Review If you are looking for a café with a zest, then it is Artel. The design was obviously developed by creative people. The cuisine was fine, everything was very tasty and nice. Special thanks to the chef. Administrator Daria and her staff were attentive and courteous, we celebrated the birthday party and the evening was perfect)). The guests loved it. The idea of exhibitions is all brilliant. If you are looking for everything perfect, you’ll definitely have to visit this place.
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Restaurant complex of premium class with Azerbaijani cuisine, playground for children, and a large landscaped area
Minsk, pr. Pobeditelei, 116
Review The food is absolutely delicious, the desserts melt in my mouth. The staff was very helpful. Thank you! We enjoyed visiting this restaurant!
Restaurant Club
Minsk, Smolenskaya st., 15a
Review She celebrated her birthday in this restaurant. I liked the restaurant at first sight. Beautiful interior, pleasant stay. In addition, it is convenient to get, not far from the subway =) Loved the kitchen. Polite staff. The waiter was surrounded by care and attention. After visiting this restaurant only good impressions remained. I think the next dr will meet here!
Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 28
Review 02.24.2018 celebrated anniversary in your restaurant. Everything was just wonderful !!!!! I am very grateful to all the staff of the Avignon restaurant !!! The highest level - delicious food, excellent service, interior, etc. All guests are delighted! Thank!
Minsk, Muzykalnyy lane, 2
Review Perfect place. Everything is very delicious. Interesting food. Great combinations. Fresh food. Knowing their job waiters.
Minsk, Angarskaya st., 34
Minsk, Bobruyskaya st., 6
Review Were at dinner today. We ordered pad thai and noodles with shrimps. Instead of fallen, they brought some not clear sticky cold noodles with dry pieces of chicken. Noodles with shrimps are not brought at all! Forgot just. About apologies and compliments were out of the question. No more coming.
Banqueting hall
Minsk, Gusovskogo st., 2
Lounge Bar
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 9
Review Sumptuously! Super! Cool! I do not even know which words to choose! Kitchen and service at a high level. Cocktails are generally struck by their creativity, the bartenders guys are great! I liked everything very much. Of course, the only negative is smoking in the place. Hoods are good, but if a non-smoking person comes to the bar a little discomfort. Definitely recommend! Minsk at night, fascinating and unforgettable ❤️
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 20
Minsk, Lyubimova av., 10
Review We come here to eat, the chef is wonderful, the portions are big, hearty, everything is very tasty and meat and fish and vegetables, there is no place in Minsk with such prices and such a kitchen, the waiters are nice, I will recommend to all my friends.
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 9
Review Gorgeous place! Thanks for the snacks and especially for the best burger!
Beer restaurant
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 65
Review Nice interior, delicious steaks and beautiful serving of food. Friendly waiters, will advise dishes and beer for every taste; and bring order to your taste at 100%. Pleasant live music, and I liked everything. I recommend !!
Minsk, Gintovta st., 1
Review We love with his wife to visit this restaurant. The kitchen is on top. Sofas cozy. The only note is the cooking time. At a practically empty hall, a salad was brought yesterday after 30 minutes. And what will happen if the hall is full?
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An atmospheric place for heartwarming chats with friends, a family celebration or a romantic evening
Minsk, K. Marksa st., 21
Review I liked this spiritual place very much, we sat in a big company, I liked everything, I would like to mention the service, in particular, Valentin and Mikhail. Orders were given quickly, craft beer was also very much enjoyed, henceforth we will only go here !!!!
Country restaurant
Minsk region, Ozertso
Review Wonderful place, friendly staff. Cozy, warm and homely. Super kitchen - in few places you try it (especially alcoholic drinks - they are superb) Thank you very much!
Minsk, Gikalo st., 3
Review We had dinner with a friend from France. Everyone was very pleased, comfortable interior, courteous and friendly staff, excellent cuisine! Thank you, I will definitely come again!
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