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Kosher restaurant
Minsk, Melnikaite st., 3till 23:00
Review. Yesterday, a guy visited this unusual cafe with traditional Jewish cuisine. Gone are satisfied and well-fed. They ordered falafel (served with tortillas, salad, hummus and slices of potatoes) and grilled chicken thigh with vegetables. Falafel is amazing! You can have everything separately from a plate, and you can put it in pits. Potato slices are low-fat and soft. My boyfriend was delighted with the chicken (he is not a fan of eating with his hands - and the absence of bones in the chicken was very convenient). From drinks they took lemonade (1 liter) of their own making. I think we will definitely take a look again)
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Minsk, Pobediteley av., 65till 00:00
The bright fusion, European and Asian cuisine with panoramic views of the Palace of Independence
Review. Recommend! Interesting interior (mega-comfortable sofas in the smoking area), friendly service and most importantly - the kitchen. Thank you, fed tasty, satisfying and inexpensive.
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 118till 23:00
The restaurant of European and Belarusian cuisine in the «Aqua-Minsk» hotel
Review. Absolutely accidentally brought fate to the restaurant of the hotel "Aqua-Minsk" on 10.02.2019. Wonderful comfortable and bright room, but most importantly, very attentive staff. Despite the fact that there were not many employees (an administrator and two waiters) and a group and four tables sat in the hall, we did not go unnoticed. The waiter immediately approached us, helped in the choice of dishes and after 15 minutes we were already eating salads. Thanks to the cooks for delicious dishes. We wish you continue to keep it up! Be sure to come here again and I will recommend to my friends.
Minsk, Romanovskaya Sloboda st., 26till 01:00
Oriental cuisine restaurant with delicious, varied and hearty dishes, cozy atmosphere and attentive service
Minsk, pr. Pobeditelei, 116till 03:00
Restaurant complex of premium class with Azerbaijani cuisine, playground for children, and a large landscaped area
Review. The food is absolutely delicious, the desserts melt in my mouth. The staff was very helpful. Thank you! We enjoyed visiting this restaurant!
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Ресторанный комплекс
Minsk, пр. Победителей, 116till 03:00
Review. Такое уютное, стильное место с очень интересным интерьером, несколькими залами, вкусными блюдами, вежливым персоналом и умиротворяющей обстановкой. А «Зимний сад» неподражаем! В этом месте я уже не первый раз и обязательно вернусь сюда снова.
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Restaurant Karaoke Bar
Minsk, 1 Zaharadny zavulak, 20till 04:00
Premium restaurant-karaoke-bar with elegant interior, warm atmosphere, gourmet cuisine and quality karaoke
Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 28till 23:00
Review. 02.24.2018 celebrated anniversary in your restaurant. Everything was just wonderful !!!!! I am very grateful to all the staff of the Avignon restaurant !!! The highest level - delicious food, excellent service, interior, etc. All guests are delighted! Thank!
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Minsk, Muzykalnyy lane, 2till 04:00
Review. Perfect place. Everything is very delicious. Interesting food. Great combinations. Fresh food. Knowing their job waiters.
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Minsk, Bobruyskaya st., 6till 00:00
Review. Were at dinner today. We ordered pad thai and noodles with shrimps. Instead of fallen, they brought some not clear sticky cold noodles with dry pieces of chicken. Noodles with shrimps are not brought at all! Forgot just. About apologies and compliments were out of the question. No more coming.
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