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    Minsk region, Mir, Krasnoarmeyskaya st., 2from 09:00
    Review. Good restaurant, varied cuisine, interior is almost not spoiled. If you are going to visit in one day both Mir and Nesvizh, I recommend eating here. The restaurant is located in the basement of the Mir castle, has a very nice interior, but the impression is spoiled by strange-looking lamps on arcs protruding from the walls, and something tubular and ribbed under the ceiling, otherwise visually pleasantly located in this room, unfortunately for tourists with a discharged telephone or laptop sockets at least in some places are present but for some reason turned off, wi-fi is available only at the bar and in the next room, a little further there is not enough signal strength, there is also a limit on the number of connections. Then there are some advantages, a kitchen, if not five out of five, then four, with a bunch of pluses. The staff, by Belarusian standards, responsive and executive, there are minor flaws, but can be attributed to fatigue with the influx of visitors.
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    Hotel, restaurant
    Korelichi region, Mir, Kirova st., 26Afrom 07:00
    Review. Great place! I would recommend. Varied menu, delicious food, nice interior, friendly staff, prices are lower than in Minsk, I feel that 20-25 percent.
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