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    Raubicy village, Yantarnaya st., 2from 12:00
    The restaurant, which is filled with home comfort and warmth for everyone
    Review. There must be and feel this moment. After the bustle of the city here is very nice and cozy. All staff is very polite and not intrusive. From salad to dessert, everything is superb and taste and serve.
    Minsk region, Lahojskfrom 10:00
    Review. From the wonderful restaurant I remember him, they made a restaurant with disgusting food and service. They ordered Belarusian soup, they brought them without a single piece of meat :) the waiter answered my amazement that this is such a recipe. Then there were pancakes :) Belarusian dish, which, I thought, could not be spoiled. Coffee is disgusting too. It seems that no one controls the work of the restaurant.
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    Minsk reg., Smolevichi, Socialisticheskaya st., 75from 11:00
    Manor house
    Logoiski d., Chudenichi v., Lesnaya st., 2а24/7
    A manor house in classic European style with a large banquet hall, accommodation and landscaped grounds
    Review. The wedding of my daughter was held at the Royal Hall on August 5, 2018. The venue was ideally suited for white classics, in which the wedding was originally planned. I want to thank all the staff of the estate. Everything was up to the mark - pre-wedding storage of beverages and products, waiter service at the buffet and during the banquet, helpful staff, timely cleaning of the site from confetti, everywhere is clean, stylish, beautiful. The next day, all the remnants of products and alcohol were carefully packed and returned. Thank you all!
    Minsk region, Silichifrom 14:00
    Korolev Stan villagefrom 12:00
    A cozy and atmospheric cafe with tasty and varied national cuisine, as well as the possibility of hosting an event
    Review. We stopped by my wife today for dinner, I liked everything, the cuisine is delicious, the hot dishes are served in pans, which keeps them hot for a long time, the salads are fresh and tasty, the service is excellent, prices are reasonable! Thank!
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    Logoyskiy region, Silichifrom 09:00
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