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Minsk, Voronyanskogo st., 12till 23:00
Borscht with Tasty Bun (250/30/20/60/2 g)
6 rub.
Okroshka Cooked on Kvass (250/2 g)
5 rub.
Review. The cafe is excellent. Very nice interior, delicious food and large portions, polite waiters. Everything is done with soul. My recommendations.
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 65till 23:00
Soup with Forest Mushrooms (250/20/1 g)
3,70 rub.
Solyanka meat (250/20/1 g)
3,80 rub.
Borsch with Garlic Rolls (250/50/20/1 g)
3,20 rub.
The bright fusion, European and Asian cuisine with panoramic views of the Palace of Independence
Review. 03.10.2018 celebrated my birthday. Everything is very tasty, the prices are good. The table setting is top notch. Administrators in the whole organization help. All dishes are served on time, hot and tasty. The waiter is a young man blond, well served us. Many thanks to him. Only positive emotions. I advise everyone to this place. You are great !!!!!
Minsk, Tolbukhina, 2till 00:00
Solyanka (322/50 g)
9 rub.
Cream of Mushroom Soup (315 g)
8 rub.
Great service, beautifully prepared food and cozy atmosphere are enough to keep you coming back here again and again
Review. Thank you, we liked everything, and the kitchen, and the interior, and service)
Minsk, Pobediteley av., 118till 23:00
Cabbage Soup with Rib (400/50/30 g)
10 rub.
Cold Holodnik Soup (250/50/20/100 g)
6,50 rub.
The restaurant of European and Belarusian cuisine in the «Aqua-Minsk» hotel
Review. Absolutely accidentally brought fate to the restaurant of the hotel "Aqua-Minsk" on 10.02.2019. Wonderful comfortable and bright room, but most importantly, very attentive staff. Despite the fact that there were not many employees (an administrator and two waiters) and a group and four tables sat in the hall, we did not go unnoticed. The waiter immediately approached us, helped in the choice of dishes and after 15 minutes we were already eating salads. Thanks to the cooks for delicious dishes. We wish you continue to keep it up! Be sure to come here again and I will recommend to my friends.
Minsk, Minsk, pr. Nezavisimosti, 58/1till 22:00
Sour Cream Holodnik Soup with Fried Potatoes (250/80/2 g)
10 rub.
Borscht with Croutons (250/20 g)
10 rub.
Combination of the art space and café with author's cuisine
Review. If you are looking for a café with a zest, then it is Artel. The design was obviously developed by creative people. The cuisine was fine, everything was very tasty and nice. Special thanks to the chef. Administrator Daria and her staff were attentive and courteous, we celebrated the birthday party and the evening was perfect)). The guests loved it. The idea of exhibitions is all brilliant. If you are looking for everything perfect, you’ll definitely have to visit this place.
Minsk, Pulikhova st., 37till 23:00
Cold Borscht with Sour Cream (250/20/1 g)
4 rub.
Azerbaijani, Belarusian and Caucasian cuisines
Review. Thanks to the staff of the cafe for the friendliness and delicious cuisine. Baked tomato with eggplant (or Vice versa) was especially tasty! Thank you for the live music and belly dancing despite the fact that my husband and I were the only guests that evening. You have comfortable and cozy ambience, you feel yourself at home (though initially it was very cold). We will come to you again!
Minsk, pr. Pobeditelei, 116till 00:00
Borscht (310/70/50 g)
9 rub.
Mushroom soup (280/50 g)
7 rub.
Ukha (300 g)
8 rub.
Restaurant complex of premium class with Azerbaijani cuisine, playground for children, and a large landscaped area
Review. The food is absolutely delicious, the desserts melt in my mouth. The staff was very helpful. Thank you! We enjoyed visiting this restaurant!
Bakery Cafe
Minsk, Voronyanskogo, 50/5till 23:00
Sauerkraut Soup (Shchi) with Mushrooms (300 g)
5 rub.
Cold Beet Soup (Holodnik) (330 g)
4 rub.
Eat some more of these fresh brioches and drink some tea
Review. We have loved this place for a long time, the kitchen, baking, everything is very tasty, thank you for daughter's birthday, the girls are delighted! The best and favorite place)
Beer restaurant
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 65till 00:00
Kefir Holodnik Soup with Egg and Baked Potatoes (300/25/100 g)
7 rub.
A beer restaurant with a unique range of drinks, varied cuisine and a cozy interior
Review. A good spiritual place, a burger is one of the best in the city, the right serving, but in addition to ketchup, I would add garlic sauce for fries, potatoes, soft and tasty, not freezing, excellent draft beer, but a lot of foam. The interior is not bad, but a hint for the owners - soon the cold, I would put cozy sofas. This restaurant is very similar to the cool place in Bialystok Brasserie Sherlock. In general, the institution of 5 out of 5. I recommend for relaxation together or by company.
Country restaurant
Minsk region, Ozertsotill 19:00
"Mushroom Soup" (250/20/2 g)
5,50 rub.
"Hometown Solyanka" (250/30/3 g)
5,50 rub.
Traditions of Belarusian cuisine at the large wooden table on the basis of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Lifestyle
Review. Great place with great food and service! Thank!
Minsk, Gikalo st., 3till 00:00
Mushroom Soup with Borodinsky Bread Croutons and Sour Cream (320/60/30/2 g)
10 rub.
Borscht with Veal, Borodinsky Bread Croutons, and Sour Cream (300/50/20/2 g)
8 rub.
Fisherman's Soup (Ukha) with Rye Bun, Butter, and Dill (1 pc/300/100/30 g)
19 rub.
Cold Beet Soup (Holodnik) with Beef, Roasted Potatoes, and Sour Cream (300/40/40/26 g)
6 rub.
Review. We had dinner with a friend from France. Everyone was very pleased, comfortable interior, courteous and friendly staff, excellent cuisine! Thank you, I will definitely come again!
German beer cellar
Minsk, Voyskovoy lane, 12till 00:00
Smoked Cabbage Soup (Shchi) with Porcini Mushrooms, Pork Ribs, Bacon, and Black Bread (545 г)
15 rub.
A german beer cellar with an authentic atmosphere, excellent malt beverages and hearty German cuisine
Review. We visited this beer cellar not by chance, but based on numerous positive reviews. And they did not regret it. Quick and friendly service and nice atmosphere. The basis is delicious dishes and beer. All at the highest level. Thank you for the nice time!
Minsk, Surganova st., 41till 23:00
Homemade Borscht (250 g)
2 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, simple and delicious food, affordable prices and a playroom for children
Review. This place left a good impression. Special thanks children's area. We were here with a 5-month old baby. Prices are low enough. Food is worthy.
Minsk, Pritytskogo st., 2till 23:00
Belarusian borsch (1/300 g)
7 rub.
Solyanka (1/270 g)
7,50 rub.
Review. Pleasant and relaxing place to relax after a work day and on weekends. Great food. Polite and friendly staff. Special thanks to Konstantin. Positive young man. Always welcome. Ask how are you. Attentive. We love to come to your family. Highly recommend. Perfect place.
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 9/10till 02:00
Beetroot soup "Svekolnik" with Baked Potatoes (405 g)
4,98 rub.
Belarusian Solyanka (385 g)
6,98 rub.
There are friendly staff, author cuisine, unique cocktails, hot dances and parties
Review. We all liked it))) Kitchen, music, atmosphere for 10 points)))
Beer restaurant
Minsk, Gercena st., 4till 00:00
Pumpkin Soup with Goat Cheese (250/15/10/5/1 g)
8 rub.
The chain of beer restaurants with live beer of its own production
Review. This is a restaurant for people of any level of worldview, income, education, and mental capacity. Here everyone will find a cozy corner to sit with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and partners. My review is based on my personal feelings after numerous visits to this restaurant!
Minsk, Svobody sq., 17till 00:00
Okroshka Based on Pickle with Beef (380 g)
10 rub.
Wine, snacks and vinyl records in the fresh cozy café on Svobody Square
Review. Good evening! I and a friend of mine visited Garden Café yesterday. The atmosphere was very nice and service was good, the taste of dishes was at the highest level. I would like to say special thanks to our waitress Darya, very welcoming and friendly girl. She could help and tell about the choice of dishes. We liked everything very much. Thank you for hearty welcome.
Minsk, Melnikaite st., 2/4till 00:00
A Thick Soup of Stewed Oxtail with Cobs of Corn and Baked Potatoes (400 g)
Цена по запросу
Review. The sets are delicious, the feed is super. One drawback is that it is very long (about 1.5 hours) and this is with an incomplete restaurant. If you have enough time, I recommend.
Reserve4 reviews
Lounge bar
Minsk, Internatsionalnaya st., 25Atill 02:00
Cold Kefir Soup with Spinach and Nuts (310 g)
7 rub.
Review. I am delighted! Cuisine, hookahs, delicious tea ceremonies: everything is top notch! Many thanks to the staff for these emotions!) I recommend everyone to visit this magical place)
Minsk, Independence ave., 78till 01:00
Okroshka (300 g)
5,50 rub.
Solyanka Star (300/10/2/30 g)
7 rub.
Cafe-bar with a cozy and warm atmosphere and a wide choice of dishes for the whole family at reasonable prices
Review. Great beef steak at a reasonable price too. You should come again only for one that reason. Plus my wife liked the salad "Gribnoe lukoshko" and the mussels. And I am 100 per cent agree about the salad.
Irish Pub
Minsk, Gikalo st., 5till 02:00
Kvass Soup Okroshka with Chicken (450 g)
8 rub.
Holodnik Soup with Baked Potatoes and Sour Cream (500 g)
7 rub.
Kefir Soup Okroshka with Baked Egg (500 g)
8 rub.
The Irish pub with burgers and steaks, sports broadcasts, and loud music
Review. This is the best place in Minsk. Atmosphere, staff, attitude to visitors - everything is on top! When you visit Klever once, then you don’t want to go anywhere else, except this place. Thank !
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117atill 05:00
Pearl Barley Soup with Porcini Mushrooms (300/31 g)
3,50 rub.
The perfect place to have fun and chill out
Review. My husband and I often go to this bar. Everything is great. The bartenders are wonderful smiling boys. Service is good. The food is delicious. Everything is always good and fun. I like it very much.
Minsk, Melezha st., 5/1till 23:00
Old Belarusian Soup with Mushrooms (300 g)
10 rub.
Juicy Cuban cuisine, rich rum flavor, subtle aroma of quality cigars, atmospheric music, impeccable service
Review. Everything's OK! The bar is great! The decor and music have pleased! Cocktails are very tasty. The menu also has no questions. Special thanks and greetings to Nastya!))
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 89till 23:00
Cold Borscht with Potato Wedges (200/20/20/100 g)
6,90 rub.
Review. Great place to brighten up the evening. Live classic music, amazing cuisine!
Minsk, Minsk, Revolucionnaya st., 26till 00:00
Fish soup with cod, trout and mussels (450 g)
15,90 rub.
Mushroom Soup with Oyster Mushrooms and Truffle (300 g)
12,90 rub.
The restaurant of modern Slavic gastronomy and modern bar culture
Review. We visited DOM in the middle of September celebrating our wedding anniversary. Everything was fantastically delicious, professionally and memorizing: a more comfortable table was offered immediately when the weather became bad, the waiter recommended delicious dishes and the chef surprised with his skills. Thank you very much for a wonderful evening! We are sure to remember this anniversary!
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