Taste of Belarus

The Best Places to Taste Belarusian soups

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Minsk, K. Marx str., 40from 12:00
Home-style Solyanka (300/60/50 g)
13 rub.
Borsch with garlic buns (250/40/50 g)
14 rub.
Groats / millet soup with beef and boletus mushrooms (300/30/50/50/3 g)
15 rub.
Royal fish soup with salmon and cod (260/40 g)
12 rub.
Belarusian and Litvin cuisine respecting recipes in the downtown
Review. We were in Minsk at the weekend. On the 13th, we visited this place! An incredible place! Very polite, courteous, and friendly staff! Very tasty food! I have never tried such delicacies in Moscow! Please tell me your recipe for potato soup. It is the best I've ever tasted.
Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 117from 12:00
Zhur with Meat (250/30/1 g)
5,50 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, delicious food and daily entertainment show programs
Review. Yesterday we visited this cozy spiritual place. Very, very much! The interior, the food and the lovely waitress Dasha, who served us :) Everyone was delighted with the atmosphere and the kitchen, and the staff.
Minsk, pr. Pobeditelei, 116from 12:00
Borscht (310/70/50 g)
Цена по запросу
Mushroom soup (280/50 g)
Цена по запросу
Ukha (300 g)
Цена по запросу
Restaurant complex of premium class with Azerbaijani cuisine, playground for children, and a large landscaped area
Review. The food is absolutely delicious, the desserts melt in my mouth. The staff was very helpful. Thank you! We enjoyed visiting this restaurant!
Beer restaurant
Minsk, Timiryazeva st., 65from 12:00
Kefir Holodnik Soup with Egg and Baked Potatoes (300/25/100 g)
7 rub.
A beer restaurant with a unique range of drinks, varied cuisine and a cozy interior
Review. A good spiritual place, a burger is one of the best in the city, the right serving, but in addition to ketchup, I would add garlic sauce for fries, potatoes, soft and tasty, not freezing, excellent draft beer, but a lot of foam. The interior is not bad, but a hint for the owners - soon the cold, I would put cozy sofas. This restaurant is very similar to the cool place in Bialystok Brasserie Sherlock. In general, the institution of 5 out of 5. I recommend for relaxation together or by company.
Minsk, Surganova st., 41till 23:00
Homemade Borscht (250 g)
2 rub.
Cafe with a cozy atmosphere, simple and delicious food, affordable prices and a playroom for children
Review. This place left a good impression. Special thanks children's area. We were here with a 5-month old baby. Prices are low enough. Food is worthy.
Wine bar
Minsk, Svobody sq., 4till 02:00
Cold borscht with potatoes (300/150/5 g)
8 rub.
Sorrel soup with boiled egg (300/30/1pcs)
8 rub.
A wine bar in the heart of Minsk. Hookah room, summer terrace on two levels and fabulous views of the city
Review. For the first time I went to this bar. The place is very warm and calm. If you want to sit quietly, mentally and relax, then this is for you here. The waiters are sociable and friendly. Brighten your evening like ours with friends.
Kids & Family Friendly Cafe
Minsk, Frunze st., 2Atill 22:00
Cold Kefir and Beet Soup (Holodnik) (350 ml)
2,90 rub.
Zhur Soup with Sausages (350 ml)
4,50 rub.
Kids & family friendly cafe with various thematic events and home-cooked food in the format of fast food
Review. Were in the cafe for the first time, the impressions are very positive, quickly tasty and kindly! Very comfortable with the kids and very spacious. Prices are adequate. Be sure to visit more than once.
Minsk, Miroshnichenko st., 1afrom 12:00
Solyanka (300/20/2 g)
6 rub.
Fish Soup with Carp (250/80/80 g)
6,40 rub.
A beer restaurant located near Cnianskoe reservoir
Review. he first time with a young man was with you and was delighted! Warm, homely, cozy atmosphere, delicious wine and good food! What else is needed for a good evening! Many thanks to the team "Vilna". Will definitely be back!
Café, bar, karaoke
Minsk, B.Khmelnitskogo st., 10afrom 12:00
Solyanka with meat (250/22 g)
8 rub.
Karaoke bar with the loft style interior, terrace and lounge room for 15 people
Review. Once again, Plan B approved my preferences. Yesterday I and my friends had a great time, drank a barrel of rum), we sang a lot of songs, some of us did not even expect that we would be able to). Many thanks to the singers! The girl was very reminiscent of Adele). We were welcomed by the absolutely adorable waitress whose name, unfortunately, I could not read because of poor eyesight, and a very attentive manager. Plan B, you’ll always keep the standards high!
Minsk, Frantsysk Skaryna st., 1from 12:00
Ukha with Vegetables and Potherbs (280/1 g)
Цена по запросу
European modern, steaks on the red-hot marble, and DJ floor, not far from the National Library
Review. I do not know the names of top end restaurants where eat the last few reviewers, but my family visited this restaurant for the first time to celebrate a birthday party. It has a beautiful interior, nice staff, and cozy atmosphere. We ordered different dishes. BBQ ribs impressed me so much; I had such pleasure from the same dish only at the best restaurant in Warsaw. This is the first place in Minsk that could surprise me. Wonderful potato pancakes and pies. Meat and fish steaks ordered by the parents were absolutely delicious and had the required degree of doneness. Fantastic wine menu! And special thanks to the waiters. The service was subtle, but we never experienced lack of attention. I highly recommend visiting this restaurant. I already added it to the list of favorite venues and plan to come back with friends in the near future.
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